Travelling with Babies

Travelling with Babies, Naturally

Do you arrive at the airport, baby under one arm, and a huge assortment of toys and pacifiers under the other? Are you dreading the flight knowing that the chances that your normally sweet and docile adorable bundle of joy, is about to turn into a hysterical screaming and squirming ball of horror? Or are you taking baby on a long-haul flight and know just as you feel your own skin becoming extremely dehydrated, dry and tight so too must your precious little one’s delicate skin?

Fear not, help is at hand, take a deep breath to calm your jangled nerves.

Aromababy Founder, Melbourne mum of two (well-travelled) sons Catherine Cervasio, lets us in on some of her secrets for helping keep baby relaxed, hydrated and comfortable during flight, using some of her iconic, Australian-made natural and organic products from the Aromababy collection.

Step 1 – Soothe Baby

Before the plane takes off, when Baby is still on your lap, use a small amount of Aromababy’s exquisite Baby Massage oil, which contains 100% pure, organic rose oil. How to massage a baby:

  1. Warm the oil between your hands and softly massage Baby’s arms, chest if possible and legs with the oil.
  2. Use long, fluid and firm strokes, covering as much of the skin as possible. The direction of your stroke should be away from the body, for example in a downward motion on the legs. This soothing action of stroking will not only help to immediately calm Baby, but the divine aroma will continue to surround Baby throughout the remainder of the flight.
  3. Remember to hum, speak softly or even whisper to Baby during the massage to enhance the experience.
  4. Transfer Baby to the in-flight bassinette when she/he appears settled and it is safe to do so. You may wish to continue stroking at this point, being sure to massage each toe gently, as well as the soles of the feet.

Massage oil


Step 2 – Dry Baby

It is extremely important to keep Baby’s skin well hydrated to prevent drying out and subsequent irritations developing at your destination. For young infants, in line with research we suggest aroma-free™ (unscented/no essential oils) and therefore recommend parents use the Pure Baby Moisture Cream – which is totally natural and has no smell. For older babies or those with super sensitive skin, try Natural Baby Lotion, loaded with organic ingredients including avocado, jojoba and evening primrose oils. Also free of essential oils, this cream is richer and more emollient and is ideal for even adults and older children, particularly for eczema-prone skin and dermatitis.

Pure Baby Moisture Cream

Baby Lotion

Step 3 – Smelly Business

Be sure to cleanse your baby’s skin and change the current nappy prior to taking off. If Baby’s nappy area is heavily soiled, spray first with a natural water (or Mum’s micellar water) and gently wipe the area clean using our luscious Moisturising Nappy Change Cream. You may like to consider keeping a couple of inexpensive, pure cotton face washers, in your travel bag/cabin baggage for emergencies. These can come in handy and may be used to cleanse Baby’s skin and then stored in a sealed, zip-lock type bag for disposal or washing when you land.


Nappy change cream

Step 4 – Protect Baby

Once Baby is clean, to protect the skin during the flight apply a soothing layer of Barrier Balm or additional Moisturising Nappy Cream. The latter is suitable for use all over the body . If Baby is prone to very dry skin and complaints like eczema and dermatitis, you may wish to apply the Barrier Balm on those area also. This Balm contains a wonderful healing blend of calendula, evening primrose and German chamomile and is ideal for dry, chapped lips, sunburn and cracked, dry heels or elbows.

Aroma Baby Barrier Balm

Barrier Balm

There you have it, three easy, safe and nurturing steps to help keep your precious baby and your entire family, more comfortable, relaxed and fresh no matter how long you are flying for!

Aroma Baby Gift Pack

About Catherine Cervasio

Catherine holds a Diploma in Aromatherapy, is a trained Infant Massage Instructor and also a freelance writer with 25 years’ experience in the organic skincare industry. Catherine’s brand Aromababy is a Gold Member of Femeconomy.




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