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Tinta Crayons – Handmade, Natural Wax Crayons

Tinta Crayons are created by two Melbourne mums who want to produce a safe, natural crayon, without using palm, soy or paraffin (a by-product of petroleum) waxes.

Safe for our children.

Lots of research and testing has gone into creating the perfect mix of natural waxes to produce natural, sustainable crayons in fun shapes that withstand hot little hands and impart beautiful colour.

They’re safe for our environment.

They are eco-friendsly as they use organic waxes that are farmed sustainably. Tinta support local suppliers and source all of our packaging from within Australia.

Beautifully packaged and loads of fun.

Each one is made from scratch and hand-poured and packed in Melbourne. The beautiful packaging is 100% recyclable and reflects the love that has gone into creating the product. Tinta Crayons come in many different shapes to encourage imaginative play, drawing and colouring.

Name and petal crayons

Name crayons – Children can learn the letters in their name while they colour and draw. They love to receive any gift that is customised with their name so these crayons are sure to delight.

Petal crayons – The large petal crayons are big and chunky, perfect for toddlers! Each piece is 10cm long and 5cm wide, making them very easy for little fingers to grip. Each set has six petal crayons in six different colours.

Honeycomb crayons

Each set has seven crayons in seven different colours. Three of the crayons have a bee and the other four are a honeycomb pattern.

honeycomb tinta crayons

Dino Mountain crayons

Each dinosaur is approximately 3cm high and wide. Each pack contains four different designs and six different colours.

Tinta Crayons


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