Tamra McMahon

Tamra McMahon, Founder, Salted Cure

Tamra McMahon left behind the high stress world of corporate finance and relocated to stunningly beautiful Byron Bay, to found her own business Salted Cure. Salted Cure blends and locally produces organically infused Salt and Olive Oil with mouthwatering combinations such as Ginger and Lemongrass Celtic Salt, and Garlic and Porcini Olive Oil.

Inspired by the flavours she discovered while travelling internationally, Tamra’s Salted Cure creations simplify meal preparation with gourmet results.

Why did you move from banking and finance to a sea change in Byron Bay, and start your own business Salted Cure?

I knew that accounting and finance was killing my soul and I needed to make a change, but I felt trapped. An old 1920’s home came up for sale. We bought it and moved to Byron Bay, embarking on an incredible journey of growth.

How do your products make people’s lives easier?

Salted Cure products take the guess work out of cooking and combining flavours. If cooking is a task or a strain then using my salts will make even the simplest of dishes really shine.

I’ve blended exotic and unique flavour combination with an extensive range of infusions – 8 Celtic Salt Infusions, 8 Himalayan Salt Infusions, 8 Olive Oil Infusions and 4 Bath Salt Infusions. This makes cooking easier and better, taking the guesswork out of combining herbs and spices.

It’s a natural flavour enhancer, packed full of great flavour, free from preservatives, colourings, additives and chemicals, with produce sourced organically whenever possible.

Salted Cure has trusted products that are Australian owned and made in Byron Bay. We are female owned and run, and support local businesses and sustainability in our environment.

How did your international travel influence your business?

I’ve eaten at some of the finest restaurants all around the world. What I noticed was the simplicity and rawness of the flavour combinations, and I have implemented that in my products.

What are the biggest lessons you have learned?

You just need to start in order to find out what is right for you. There will be bumps along the way but it will all be imperfectly perfect. Also, read the book Profit First before you start any business venture.

Your greatest challenge?

Working by myself and staying motivated.

What are you most proud of?

For setting up a business, trying my best and showing up.

Advice for future female leaders?

A life of regret is far worse than a life lived.


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