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Tamika McIndoe, Founder, Enhance Nutrition and Yoga

Tamika McIndoe started her business Enhance Nutrition and Yoga in the spectacular New South Wales Northern Rivers  to combine her degree qualifications in Nutritional Medicine and her 11 years of experience (and over 500 hours) as a yoga instructor. Tamika has a specific focus on women’s health and mental health disorders, and provides individualised support to NDIS clients.

Tamika’s passion for health is a family legacy that stems from her Mother, who was a nutritionist and personal trainer. Tamika is proudly following in her Mum’s footsteps, as she helps people on their journey to wellness through Enhance Nutrition and Yoga.

Why are you passionate about bringing mental health, nutrition and yoga together for clients through Enhance Nutrition and Yoga?

I believe they complement each other beautifully. Individuals living with mental health disorders can benefit significantly from practicing yoga, pranayama (breathe), meditation and, addressing possible nutrient deficiencies and consuming a wholesome nutrient rich foods.

How are you working with NDIS clients to support them?

I offer a one to one yoga support for individuals who have a NDIS plan. This includes a gentle yoga session with meditation and breathing exercises. This can increase muscle strength and tone, improve respiration cardio and circulatory health, improve energy and vitality and reduce symptoms of stress and anxiety. We also walk in nature, and I provide nutritional advice.

Tell us about your passion for life long learning and encouraging other women to study.

I believe you never stop learning and my passion for providing complete mind and body health has led me to continue my studies to be able to. If you want it, go get it! You can study, work and be a mum, wife etc. too. Just take your time, there is no rush. You will be ready when you are ready and when you are, embrace every moment.

What are your three tips to staying healthy and happy?

  1. MOVE, get your body moving, whether it is yoga, cardio, strength or walking. Enjoy yourself in that moment.
  2. Nourish yourself with wholesome foods, check in on your health, listen to your body. If you don’t feel right seek’s ok not to be ok. Know there is always support out there.
  3. Nurture yourself by doing what you love, live your passions. Walk in present in the moment and BREATHE!!

Your greatest challenge?

Judging myself and being impatient in reaching my goals.

Most proud of

That I didn’t give up on my dreams. And I am still ticking them off. I am so humbled to be able to support individuals to live their best life.

Advice for future female leaders

PLEASE don’t give up even when you feel like you can’t move on. Put your needs first in pursuing your passions, hopes and dreams. You will still be a great Mother, wife, sister, fact you will be even BETTER!!!


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