21 January, 2019
Michelle Redfern Gender Equality Consulting Services Advancing Women

Gender Equality Services: The Advancing Woman Way

Advancing Women is an Australian based, globally focussed enterprise providing research, consulting and advisory services on equality, inclusion and gender diversity, in sport and in business. What Problem Are We Solving? Australia is a wealthy, developed country which has had positive economic outcomes for more than 2 decades, bucking the global...

26 November, 2018
Maree McPherson Consulting

Gender Equality Services: Maree McPherson Consulting

Regional Australia is often at the forefront of structural adjustment. There is, and will continue to be, a changing demographic in the labour market. In regions, such as Geelong and the Latrobe Valley, men are leaving manufacturing and mining jobs, while their partners are moving back into full-time work and...

10 June, 2018
Xplore for Success

Gender Equality Services: Xplore for Success

The ever-increasing drive for diversity is not having the equality impact we need For over ten years, corporate Australia has been ramping up a stated drive for greater diversity in the workplace, which has primarily been around increasing female workforce participation, including the percentage of women at management levels and...