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Suzie Betts, Founder & Owner, Boob Armour

An Official AFL/AFLW and Basketball Australia Licensed product and fitting snugly into any sports bra or crop top Boob Armour Protective Inserts support and protect the breasts by absorbing impact and therefore alleviating injury. Suzie Betts Founder & Owner, Boob Armour has launched the first of its kind and is creating a brand new market in female protection.


Why did you create Boob Armour?

Having found lumps in my breast the first question I was asked from my surgeon was ‘Have you ever received a trauma to the breast?’. Impact bruising to the female breast can result in the formation of hard nodules/lumps which can mimic breast cancer cells.

Numerous tests, biopsies and for me surgery, was needed to rule this out. With two daughters playing football I started to think about breast protection, and so the idea of Boob Armour was born.


Who is Boob Armour designed for?

From grass roots to elite these encapsulating inserts protect the breasts of females playing contact, impact and ball sports. Weighing 15gm each and only 2mm thick slipping into any crop top or sports bra they are worn by females playing Aussie rules, basketball, netball, rugby, soccer, hockey and cricket just to name a few.


Why is it important to wear protective sporting equipment from a young age?

Research shows that the underdeveloped breast is just as vulnerable to injury as a developed one, therefore we recommend wearing protection from eight years’ old. Like a mouthguard, helmet, shinguards or cricket box, inserts being worn from a young age will protect from long term trauma and create lifetime habits. The confidence athletes feel when wearing them is incredible.


What are the research findings that informed Boob Armour’s development?

A 2020 University survey of 207 female Australian Football League (AFL) and rugby players, reported 58% ever experiencing a contact breast injury, and 48% perceiving that their injury affected their football performance. Most female AFL players (87%) reported wearing a sports bra, however only 30% perceived their bra provided any protection against contact breast injuries.

Apart from the pain, and possible games missed, significant impact bruising to the female breast results in the formation of hard nodules/ lumps in the breast tissue. Later on, these lumps can be difficult to differentiate from breast cancer, and several tests causing personal stress and increased medical costs may be needed before breast cancer can be ruled out.


You are the female economy. Whether you are a female consumer, business owner or a woman in the workforce, you can create gender equality by choosing female led brands.

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