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Shevonne Joyce: Think business mentoring is a luxury? Think again!

Some say that investing in business mentoring isn’t worth it, whilst others say it’s a luxury.

Business Mentor, Shevonne Joyce said, “With more women than ever entering the world of entrepreneurship and an estimated overall 80% business failure rate, there’s a lot of talented women who are not realising their potential. Is it any wonder when we see statements like ‘it’s never been a better time to start a business, all you need is a Smartphone and social media?’ This sets false expectations.”

“The key to getting the best return from your mentoring investment is to find the right expert who can help you to get the results you want,” said Shevonne.

Shevonne highlights two common forms of dialogue she hears in the market regarding investing in business mentoring.

The first being that investing in coaching and mentoring in the initial stages of your business is a waste of money and a luxury for most. Second, that women who have monetised their business are already ‘successful’ and therefore, don’t need to invest in business help.

“Investing in giving yourself a head start and getting the best foundations in place in the beginning can quite literally mean the difference between burning out in your first 12-months, or creating a solid foundation for business growth.”

Shevonne has built a global personal brand spanning 50 countries.

She has built a loyal following based on getting real with women about the problems holding them back and how to overcome them, with thousands of women tuning in each week to watch her videos. As a result, Shevonne is one of the Top 10 Australian Women Entrepreneurs by My Entrepreneur Magazine and is a judge for both the Telstra Business Awards and Women’s Awards for 2017.

Shevonne helps women to understand how to invest in the right help to overcome the problems they’re experiencing. She said, “a leading cause for business failure includes a lack of necessary expertise on how to grow a successful business and subsequent high burnout rates. This is perpetuated by a lack of understanding that business mentoring is not a luxury and that investing in your development early can ultimately be the difference between success and failure.”

Generating revenue and quick business growth doesn’t always equate to a sustainable or profitable business.

“Rapid growth without the right strategies can kill a business as quickly as stagnant growth can.”

Shevonne works with women at both ends of the spectrum who are dedicated, committed and serious about being successful, offering different programs tailored to the stage they’re at.

“The key to success is to be really clear about the problems you need help solving and choosing the person who can best help you. Look at their formal qualifications, specialisation, methodology and approach, professional memberships and testimonials as a start.”

Results achieved from your investment will vary depending on the individual, the problems they’re experiencing and exactly what they want to achieve.

Business owners need to commit wholeheartedly.

“Women who commit to themselves and their business results throughout the mentoring journey and implement the strategies they learn, reap the most rewards.”

Specific examples of how Shevonne has worked with clients include:

  1. Helping a client to overcome business paralysis that lasted a year. She was stuck in a soul-sucking corporate job and on the verge of giving up her business idea altogether. Since working with Shevonne, she’s left that job, has been labelled an industry expert in her field being interviewed in and working on multiple projects in the media and her business has grown by 40%.
  2. Something as simple as re-designing an ineffective sales process that immediately resulted in a client being able to close 100% of sales, instead of being completely burnt out trying to generate them and;
  3. A client who has been in business for many years who successfully transitioned her business to the next level by working with Shevonne. With a re-designed business model, employing four staff members and working with clients she loves, she’s now generating 36.7% more revenue as a direct result of her investment in mentoring.

If you’re serious and committed about being successful and getting the results you want in business, Shevonne would love to connect with you. She offers two bespoke programs. Read more through the links below and apply for the program most suited to you.

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