27 March, 2018
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Female Leader, Patrice Brown, CEO CQG Consulting

Patrice Brown CEO CQG Consulting is an industry thought leader in environmental impact assessment. With over 30 years experience and an array of tertiary qualifications in industrial and environmental management, Patrice commenced her career in the sugar and agriculture industries. She established CQG Consulting in 2003 to provide a range...

17 May, 2017
2017 Fashion Colour Trend

Greenery is the 2017 Fashion Colour Trend

Recently, I was having a conversation with a non-fashion obsessive and we stumbled across the topic of the 2017 colour of the season, Greenery. He was underwhelmed at the thought that someone or something out there could have power to influence the world. I simply explained that Pantone ultimately predicts...

1 June, 2021
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Yvonne Shepherd, Founder & CEO, Women’s Fitness Adventures

Yvonne Shepherd Founder and CEO of Women’s Fitness Adventures started her business to help women over 40 years of age to stay active and connect with one another. With the knowledge that women are usually blending work with caring for others in their lives, and that self care and personal...

8 March, 2021
BLOG IMAGE Carolyn Butler-Madden

Carolyn Butler-Madden, Chief Purpose Activist, The Cause Effect

Discovering Cause Marketing was a pivotal career moment for Carolyn Butler-Madden, Chief Purpose Activist and Founder of The Cause Effect. With a background in agency marketing, and a passion for social justice, Carolyn forged her business to integrate both, by helping businesses to craft social purpose brand strategies. Carolyn has...

14 May, 2018
screen-free children

5 Screen-Free Activities to do with your Children

Box for Monkeys CEO and Founder, Sarah Donges is a screen-free expert and has kindly shared her top five activities. These days, the smartphone is a parent’s best friend and nemesis all at the same time. Yes, it keeps the kids occupied but we can’t deny the guilt we feel...

12 December, 2016

Christmas menu sorted!

In the interests of saving everyone a bit of time this Christmas, I thought I would share our Christmas menu. This will be delivered to my door by Femeconomy approved Woolworths or Coles, because there is no way I am braving the shops with two kids and their amped up pester...

24 November, 2016

Favourite Christmas Gifts for Him

To shop for gender equality, don’t go past our Favourite Christmas Gifts for Him. Teva Classic Mush Get 2 for $45 on select, summer ready thongs for him this Christmas! Reebok Men’s Crossfit Performance Blend Graphic Tee So many stocking stuffers in the Reebok sale. Pick up a little Christmas...

14 November, 2016

Christmas Gifts for Him

To shop for gender equality, and if you also find it a bit tricky to find presents guaranteed to delight the men in your life at Christmas time, read on. We have scoured our favourite Femeconomy brands, and tested our selection on some of our nearest and dearest, to bring you...