10 June, 2017
Karen Gee

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Female Leader, Karen Gee, Founder, K A R E N G E E

Karen Gee, Founder of K A R E N G E E started her online fashion retail business in 2013 with no retail experience whatsoever. Having built the business from the ground up, as she puts it ‘solely based on an idea’ Karen has rapidly grown a steadfastly loyal clientele. The brand is...

8 May, 2017
Female Leader Tracey Spicer

Female Leader, Tracey Spicer, Spicer Communications

Tracey Spicer, CEO of Spicer Communications, has an enviable portfolio career encompassing television, newspaper, radio and online journalism, and is a highly sought-after writer, speaker and media trainer. She has just authored The Good Girl Stripped Bare, challenging the structural workplace barriers faced by women. Tracey is passionate about equality, which is a central tenet of...

1 May, 2017
new hairstyle

How to Get a New Hairstyle and Not Regret It

To lob or not to lob, that is the question. I can’t be the only one who every year pines over getting a really dramatic new hairstyle to completely shake up my look, right? I’ve toyed with pixie cuts, cute lobs and even pastel hues… but every time I go...

25 April, 2017
Eliminate stress

9 Tips to Fashionably Eliminate Stress at Work

Stress doesn’t look good on anyone. While we’re all busy being stylish leaders, with the demands of life it can be easy to feel overwhelmed. With numerous deadlines, hectic schedules and the non-stop nature of today’s workplaces, no wonder we’re especially inclined to feel stressed at work. Here are Fashion...

11 April, 2017
lazy guide to looking chic

Lazy guide to looking chic

You know her. She always has the best #ootd’s (outfit of the day), her hair is never a strand out of place (yet when it is, it looks incredible), she has thousands of followers on Instagram, and whatever she wears, even if it’s denim shorts and a tee, she always...

21 March, 2017
BLOG-FEATURE-IMAGE-Leina Broughtonv1 -20170321.jpeg

Andrea Smith’s Sublime Finds, Leina Broughton

Founder of Sublime Finds, Andrea Smith, is a passionate shopper, crazy-dog-lady and loves women who inspire! Andrea shares her original Sublime Finds post with us on why she finds shopping challenging. She also poses a few questions to her fabulous go-to brand, Leina Broughton, which is absolutely Femeconomy approved. I am an extremely fussy...

17 February, 2017
BLOG IMAGE Rebecca Medcalf

Female Leader, Rebecca Medcalf, Organic Index

Rebecca Medcalf, co-founded Organic Index with her two sisters Emma Dowling and Melissa Krueger to promote natural, organic and crafted body products from Australia and New Zealand. From the belief that beauty and wellness are inseparable, the sisters have forged a successful online and bricks and mortar business. Rebecca shares their story. At what...

14 February, 2017
BLOG Feature Image Irene Falcone v2 20170703

Female Leader, Irene Falcone, Nourished Life

Irene Falcone, CEO and Founder of Nourished Life created the business in 2012 to provide trusted, environmentally-friendly beauty products. Her website offers the best and latest in natural, organic, vegan, ethical and sustainable beauty health and wellbeing products, as well as naturopathic advice. From selling her car and house to raise $30,000 to...