24 March, 2021
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Kris Darmody & Cath Pope, Curated Content

Kris Darmody and Cath Pope, respectively CEO and Chief Creative Officer of Curated Content are joyful collaborators, who have embraced the lessons of resilience that COVID has brought to bear on businesses. As well as appreciating reconnecting with their creative team in the office after months of working from home,...

18 February, 2021
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Dr Cathryn Lloyd – Seriously Playful Creativity Book Launch

Dr Cathryn Lloyd, Founder & Director Maverick Minds has just released her second book Seriously Playful Creativity: An A to Z of Creative Action and Reflection. Following on from her first book, The Story Cookbook: Practical Recipes for Change, which was a collaboration with Andrew Rixon, Seriously Playful Creativity is...

5 August, 2020
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Dr Cathryn Lloyd, Founder & Director, Maverick Minds

Dr Cathryn Lloyd, Founder and Director Maverick Minds has spent much of the COVID-19 lockdown period engaged in several online business collaborations, preparing to write the second instalment of The Story Cookbook, and embracing her artistic creativity. She was named as a Finalist in the 2020 Letheridge Small Scale Art...

11 December, 2019
Sarah Biersteker

Sarah Biersteker, Co-Founder, Spark Plugs Innovation Club

Sarah Biersteker Co-Founded Spark Plugs Innovation Club based on a gap she saw in her own children’s primary educational experience, and the rapidly growing global demand for occupational STEAMED (science, technology, engineering, art, mathematics, entrepreneurship and design) skills. Currently running as after school and holiday programs for children aged 7...

8 August, 2019
Maria Calibo-Sales Calmar Corps Female Leader Conversations Ezine

Maria Calibo-Sales, Founder Calmar Corps: Female Leader Conversations

Female Leader Conversations Feature Maria Calibo-Sales Founder Calmar Corps said, “Take less, give more. There is enough for everybody.“ Maria Calibo-Sales, Founder Calmar Corps is a dynamo who seamlessly blends business, social purpose and collaboration to produce amazing impact. Using technology to create world-class efficiencies for non-profits and SMEs across...

25 March, 2019
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Mythbusting – Women and Employment

Five Ways You Can Bust Myths About Women and Why It’s Important Inequity, inequality and injustice are sure things to get me fired up. When Libby Lyons, Director of WGEA recently posted on Twitter about a (small) drop in the gender pay gap, the thread of comments that followed were an illuminating insight into...

10 December, 2018
Dr Cathryn Lloyd Maverick Minds

Dr Cathryn Lloyd: Female Leader Conversations Ebook

Female Leader Conversations Ebook feature, Maverick Minds Director, Dr Cathryn Lloyd said, “Creativity is the most renewable resource we have. The more we cultivate it, the more it grows.” About Dr Cathryn Lloyd is a facilitator, creativity coach and educator Founder/Director of Maverick Minds and holds  a doctorate in Creative...

14 May, 2018
screen-free children

5 Screen-Free Activities to do with your Children

Box for Monkeys CEO and Founder, Sarah Donges is a screen-free expert and has kindly shared her top five activities. These days, the smartphone is a parent’s best friend and nemesis all at the same time. Yes, it keeps the kids occupied but we can’t deny the guilt we feel...

26 February, 2018
press progress

Short Stories that Press for Progress Issue 2

Imagine being one of Australia’s first female lifeguards. Or, walking out of your home on a canefield in the middle of the night to escape a life and a marriage that wasn’t for you. How about becoming non-technical founders of a business whose sole purpose is to help correct the...

8 January, 2018
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Is self-confidence an issue for you?

It’s frustrating to see the continuous stream of articles suggesting women are holding themselves back, particularly within organisational settings. I agree wholeheartedly with Catherine Fox’s assertion that we need to ‘Stop Fixing Women’. Research confirms that women are just as ambitious as men, and seek pay rises with the same...

21 September, 2017
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Female Leader, Dr Cathryn Lloyd, Founder Maverick Minds

Dr Cathryn Lloyd Founded Maverick Minds after experimenting with the intersection of creative, academic and business principles at one of London’s leading art and design universities. She realised that creativity and art could be used as a central methodology to solve complex business problems and inspire innovation within teams. You...