19 June, 2018
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Female Leader, Carly Watterson, Managing Director MU Australia

Carly Watterson Managing Director MU Australia started her business in 2003, following a corporate career as a commodities broker working in Hong Kong and Asia. After completing a degree in Business and International Trade Carly moved to Tianjin China to study business and languages at Nankai University. MU Australia specialises in...

24 May, 2021
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Creating Gender Equality through Trading Opportunities Report – Laos, Vietnam, Australia

Procurement and trade are huge economic levers that also drive social change. Femeconomy partnered with members Social Good Outpost’s Director Elise Stephenson and Temples and Markets Owner Judith Treanor to develop trade links between women owned businesses across Australia, Laos and Vietnam, through the “Creating Gender Equality Through Trading Opportunities” initiative. This project is proudly supported by the Australia-ASEAN...

6 January, 2021
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Supporting Women Owned Business: Sheena Ireland, Specialists in Communications

Femeconomy’s Supporting Women Owned Business mini-blog series is intended to amplify how women led and women owned businesses are supporting each other, and to encourage more businesses to include women led and women owned businesses in their purchasing decisions. Specialists in Communications is the trusted adviser and reliable communications team for businesses...

4 March, 2020
BLOG IMAGE Leigh Tabrett

Leigh Tabrett, Executive Producer, Women of The World (WOW) Festival Australia

Executive Producer of WOW Australia 2020 and Chair of Of One Mind Leigh Tabrett’s career trajectory has included secondary teacher, university administrator, senior public servant and board director. A quiet achiever, influential thinker, and life long gender equality advocate, Leigh is foremost a change agent. She formerly worked as an...

14 January, 2020
Sheena Ireland

Sheena Ireland, Director Specialists in Communications: Female Leader Conversations

Female Leader Conversations Feature Sheena Ireland, Director Specialists in Communications said, “Learning how to communicate effectively is one of the best things we can do for our workplaces, careers and communities.” Sheena Ireland is a communication strategist with specific expertise in government and stakeholder relations. Sheena is a passionate advocate...

8 August, 2019
CEO Plan International Australia Susanne Legena

Susanne Legena, CEO Plan International Australia: Female Leader Conversations

Female Leader Conversations Feature Susanne Legena CEO Plan International Australia said, “If I had to choose just one way to achieve gender equality, it would be to educate a girl. We know this is transformative for individuals, communities and countries.” Susanne Legena’s career is anchored in positive social impact. Previously...

9 October, 2018
Donna Odegaard

Female Leader, Dr Donna Odegaard AM, CEO Aboriginal Broadcasting Australia

First Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Woman to be recipient of Institute of Managers and Leaders Sir John Storey Lifetime Award For Leadership and Because of Her, We Can Ebook Female Leader, Dr Donna Odegaard said, “The way I’ve done business over the years has initially been about survival, being creative in...

9 October, 2018
BLOG IMAGE Kylee Fitzpatrick by Ms Amy Farrell

Female Leader, Kylee Fitzpatrick, Founder & CEO TEAM Women Australia

Because of Her, We Can Ebook Female Leader, Kylee Fitzpatrick said, “Leadership is all about having a passion much bigger than ourselves, something that not only improves the quality of our own life, but simultaneously improves the quality of our relationships and our families, society, community and the world.” You...

3 April, 2018

Female Leader, Sarah-Joy Pierce, Owner Joyful Communications

Sarah-Joy Pierce Owner Joyful Communications started her own PR and Strategic Communications business in 2015 in response to clients who were contacting her repeatedly to complete freelance assignments. Since then, she has Co-Founded another business Strategic Mining Communications, primarily to service the mining sector. With two thriving businesses under her belt,...