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Sandy Hutchison – Founder & CEO – Career Money Life

Making a difference to people, especially regarding their career and life choices, drives Sandy. Sandy Hutchison is the Founder and CEO of Career Money Life. A different and innovative marketplace business providing employees and organisations with the power of choice in career development & transition, health and wellbeing, retirement, and parental leave services.

Before founding Career Money Life, Sandy held Senior Executive Director positions in HR, Communications, and Business Development and was a Partner at Mercer, a global consulting firm, for over 16 years. Prior to this, Sandy worked in Canada for the Federal Government as a political advisor and on large privatisation projects.

Can you tell us about the story behind Career Money Life and why you do the work you do?

Career Money Life was founded with a simple mission: to help people find and achieve their life’s purpose and achieve their career goals. We believe that everyone should have access to the resources and support they need to succeed in their careers, regardless of their background or experience.

Career Money Life‘s inspiration came from my personal experiences in the workforce. I saw first-hand how difficult it could be to navigate the job market and find meaningful career opportunities.

As a former HRD, I saw a gap in the market for a more contemporary and innovative career development and transition solution. Traditional career transition services were rigid and outdated and didn’t meet the needs of a modern, digital workforce. I wanted to empower people with choice and control over their career journey and help them navigate uncertainty and change with confidence.

That’s why I created Career Money Life, to help people reach their full potential and achieve their career goals. Our whole team is passionate about the work we do, and we’re committed to helping individuals and organisations thrive in the modern workforce.

What makes Career Money Life different from other career development solutions?

At Career Money Life, we believe in giving our clients the choice and control to build career experiences that suit their individual needs. Our revolutionary Career Marketplace credit approach and curated Career Pathways provide customisable career support, covering upskilling and reskilling, finding the next role, starting a business, managing well-being, taking time out, and transitioning to retirement. This approach ensures that our clients receive the meaningful career support they want and there is no wasted fund on unused or unwanted services.

How has Career Money Life evolved since its founding?

Since our founding, we’ve grown from a local female-founded startup to a leading, award-winning organisation operating across ANZ. We’ve also established relationships with over 600 service partners and over 100 corporate clients, with a consistent rating of 4.8 stars based on participant reviews.

Our service offering has grown from Career Transition to now include EAP & Well-being, Parental Leave, Coaching, Transition to Retirement, and Candidate Care, all from one mighty platform which makes it easy for HR to implement, track and report outcomes.

We have just completed a major redesign of our Career Hub platform. We invested heavily into this last year to create a simple employee experience that is curated around their needs and life plans. Our first-of-its-kind career marketplace, in-built resources and tools, and curated Career Pathways provide tailored support to employees. Whether they’re seeking a new job, starting a business, reskilling opportunities, EAP services, pursuing parental leave, or transitioning to retirement, our platform offers a personalised experience.

At Career Money Life, we believe in maximising career support for every stage of life. We are committed to helping HR teams create meaningful career experiences for their employees, elevating the employer brand, and driving employee loyalty through their entire career journey.

Lastly, what’s next for Career Money Life?

We’re always looking for ways to expand and improve our services and platform, and we have some exciting projects underway. One project that I’m particularly excited about is our partnership with RMIT.

The RMIT program is supported by a grant to assist Migrant Women in their career development. This group faces some unique challenges to finding and succeeding in the workforce, and it is a privilege to partner with RMIT to deliver this program which will conclude with a Job Fair this autumn. By working closely with RMIT Business School, we’re hoping to develop new and innovative approaches to career development that will benefit migrant women from all walks of life.

We have also launched a new offering, leveraging our award-winning Career Hub to deliver Candidate Care support to organisations who want to offer something more to their unsuccessful candidates. In a talent short market, the candidate experience can make all the difference to your employer brand and reputation with future candidates. This offering makes it easy to provide meaningful support to these job seekers. We are very excited about the impact we will be able to support more people in finding their purpose.

So, that’s what’s next for Career Money Life. We’re always striving to improve and innovate, and we’re excited to see where this next chapter takes us.


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