1 November, 2020

Es Una

Luxe Australian swimwear. Home of the original Rashie Dress. Worn over bathers and designed for women – their skin, their scars, their curves and their confidence.

24 February, 2019
LOGO Immediation


Legal video collaboration software and online dispute resolution. Created by lawyers, its unmatched functionality, specialization and access delivers capability to handle complex legal interactions online

16 February, 2018
Jozu for women


We’re a women-owned travel and safety platform and we are the creators of Beacon by WanderSafe – an app that helps you navigate new cities.

Baby Born

The unique doll with nine lifelike functions that can be played without batteries and an imaginative play world that encourages and promotes parent-child role play in a particularly realistic way


On trend clothing and accessory design with a classical twist for women, men, youth and children


Latest designer women’s fashion, shoes, bags and accessories from a huge range of top designer brands


Range of audio visual products, speakers and in-home surround sound systems

Under Armour

Performance sports clothing engineered to keep athletes, whether they be men, women or youth, cool, dry and light throughout the course of a game, practice or workout