18 April, 2022
LOGO Worldwide SHEroes

Worldwide SHEroes

Our mission is to see more women of diversity and disadvantage rise to their leadership potential – through a global network of mentors in 10 industry categories empowering women.

23 January, 2022
LOGO A Career That Soars

A Career that Soars!

A Career that Soars! is a personal leadership and career development network built around a global community of ambitious and career-motivated women.

25 February, 2021
LOGO Pearl Consulting

Pearl Consulting

Pearl Consulting is a purpose-driven, social impact boutique consultancy focused on delivering mutual benefit for corporate, nonprofit and government partners.

8 February, 2021
LOGO Step Beyond Strategy

Step Beyond Strategy

Award-winning, profit-for purpose strategy and sustainability advisory supporting Boards, CEOs, organisations and communities to shape and create sustainable value and ecosystems.

17 November, 2020
LOGO Vellum


Licensed in both Hong Kong and Australia, Vellum offers Corporate Advisory, Capital Markets Origination and Asset Management services to their institutional clients globally

1 November, 2020

Es Una

Luxe Australian swimwear. Home of the original Rashie Dress. Worn over bathers and designed for women – their skin, their scars, their curves and their confidence.

12 March, 2018
LOGO Tambo Teddies

Tambo Teddies

An innovative range of unique, quality handcrafted Australian teddy bears and other products from natural wool, 100% Australian made in the middle of the Outback.

16 February, 2018
Jozu for women


We’re a women-owned travel and safety platform and we are the creators of Beacon by WanderSafe – an app that helps you navigate new cities.

6 February, 2018
LOGO Boobie Foods

Boobie Foods

Award-winning Boobie Bikkies®, Boobie Brekkie® and Boobie Beads®. Our natural, organic range of Boobie Foods® are created by Australia’s most recognised and respected lactation expert Pinky McKay