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Prepare to lead your next pay negotiation by Other Side of the Table Founder, Sam Trattles

So, you’ve been in your current role for about two years. You’re starting to consider if there is a future in the business for you. You have an awesome boss who has worked with you to ensure you have a clear pathway for your future mapped out, with identified milestones and key performance indicators that will trigger your salary increases and promotions…

However, what if your boss isn’t that awesome?

You might be thinking it’s soon time to have a chat about how your role has evolved. It’s time to sit down and discuss a bit more return for your investment in time – aka you securing a pay rise.

Now, if you’re like a lot of people just the idea of this has sent your heart racing. But STOP. RELAX. BREATHE. It doesn’t have to be an horrific experience.

With the right tools you can step into a pay negotiation with confidence.

To build your confidence, prepare for the discussion. Here’s what you need to keep top of mind:

  • Invest time in being completely inwardly focussed, focus on what you really want.
  • Be clear on what you value. Is it money, time, flexibility, experiences, education? Or if something else is your number one priority, go after that.
  • Keep your rational mind engaged. Maybe imagine you are representing someone else and building a case for them to get recognised (and promoted).
  • Test your case with those who will give you an objective point of view.
  • Does no mean no, or does it mean not now? If you do get no as an answer, ask, “What do I need to do to be in a position to get a pay rise? By when? Are you going to be my champion?”

Avoid these common mistakes when negotiating your pay

  1. If you don’t have more responsibility, more people to manage, a bigger client base – your job has not changed. On what grounds are you basing your case on? Check the company policy it will say the same thing.
  2. If your kids are starting at a private school, or you want to travel to Europe or are looking to buy a bigger house, do not offer this as part of your business case. Your personal circumstances are of no consequence to the business.
  3. Know your ‘walk away’ point. If you feel you have a strong case, but the other person doesn’t support it and is a mile away from your well thought out case, then you need to decide if this business is for you or not.

You may be wondering why your boss hasn’t been proactive in approaching you with this idea, well I have 2 theories on this:

  1. They haven’t been trained in how to manage these discussions and they don’t want to lose you, so it’s easier to be an emu and ignore it until it can’t be ignored any longer.
  2. They are crapping themselves about how they are going ask for their own pay rise!

Be proactive and to help, here is a free chapter from my book I Love Negotiation

Download the FREE chapter from my book, I Love Negotiation, on how to prepare by writing a plan to get a pay rise. This also includes your Prepare Cheatsheet that you can use for all kinds of negotiations you engage in.

Sam Trattles Other Side of the Table I Love NegotiatingAbout Sam Trattles, Founder and Commercial Deals Negotiator – Other Side of the Table

We work with business leaders of influence looking for more confidence in strategic negotiations, valuing partnership and securing the right deals. Other Side of the Table is a specialist consultancy that builds your capability to negotiate with clarity and ease.
Unlike outsourcing your negotiations, or doing the best you can, we support you to effectively negotiate your way, because it’s worth a great deal.


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