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Pip Stocks, CEO BrandHook: Female Leader Conversations

Female Leader Conversations Feature Pip Stocks CEO BrandHook said, “Talking to your customers face to face builds real empathy, ensuring that each team member works hard to solve problems and deliver a great experience.”

Pip Stocks’ career background in both agency advertising and internal marketing makes her ideally equipped to partner with companies in the eternal quest for customer intimacy. A veritable Dian Fossey of customer experience, Pip employs a range of techniques to understand constantly changing global cultural, social, and digital behaviour of consumers, and their interactions with brands to extract precious and actionable insights. Over 14 years, Pip has helped clients to put customer experience first and demonstrate extraordinary care.


Why did BrandHook chat with over 100 customers per month?

At BrandHook, we are passionate about the importance of customer intimacy and helping our clients build better customer experiences. There are a number of jobs our clients ask us to do to improve their CX but solving big brand issues is really our sweet spot. We always start with what the customers are saying, feeling and doing and to do this we practice an ethnographic approach.


How does BrandHook derive customer insights?

Talking to consumers in their own environment, means you can watch and probe into the world around them. Participating in, rather than spying on people, changes the whole investigating process. This approach picks up the ‘small data’, the nuances, the slight shifts that drive proper insight. Insight like this can revolutionise a brand’s success.


What are the key elements of good customer experience?

In 2017 we interviewed a range of marketers and thought leaders in our podcast series called ‘Getting Intimate with CX’ and we were able to unpack exactly the key elements of a great customer experience. Called The BrandHook 5 C’s Model, we have pulled out the key drivers of a great CX and use this to evaluate our client’s experience. The five drivers include:

1. CONVENIENCE: Solve those really annoying pain-points that frustrate your customers by making your experience easy and clear.

2. CONSISTENCY: Make it the same every time. 50% of what we do every day is habitual and we don’t want to have to navigate something new every time.

3. CHOICE: Give your customers a variety of ways to research, book, pay and experience their day.

4. CUSTOMISATION: Deliver a truly personalised experience. Find out what your customers want, and tailor the experience to that.

5. CARE: Care is how you demonstrate that you understand your visitors and how you anticipate their needs and cater to them. When your people truly care about their customers, they will be empathetic to their needs.


Why did you create Hearsay?

Brand managers are being asked to think customer first. They are investing heavily in big data but unfortunately those numbers don’t always tell the whole story. The analytics dashboards are full of numbers resulting in a rational, numerical view of the customer… missing half the story.

As well as that, there is a finite set of resources in corporates with priority plans decided at the beginning of the year. What this means is that the ad hoc, innovative and more agile ideas are lost.

We created Hearsay to solve that problem. We now have a scale-able method giving all employees the opportunity to explore ideas that may turn out to be those game changers. By acting as an expert on your shoulder helping you through the process of face to face customer enquiry, Hearsay helps with hypotheses development, delivers you a proven Conversation Flow, finds the customer to interview, records and transcribes the conversation and after all that, helps analyse the findings.

By giving all your people access to Hearsay and including that data into your dashboard, you are truly creating a customer centric business.


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Posted by Jade Collins - Femeconomy Director

Jade Collins has 20 years’ global experience in corporate executive Human Resources and management consulting roles in the Mining, Energy and Aerospace industries, leading large scale, complex multi-million-dollar change management programs. Jade finds the combination of her HR, Psychology and MBA qualifications and her leadership experience is invaluable for increasing gender equality in leadership across industries. Jade was a member of the Queensland Government's Strategic Advisory Group for the Toward Gender Parity: Women on Boards Initiative and the 2019 CQU Alumni of the Year for Social Impact for her work with Femeconomy.