Pharmacist turned entrepreneur

Pharmacist turned entrepreneur changing our cleaning thinking

As parents, we’re inundated with clever marketing campaigns. There are so many choices to make and about what products we should or shouldn’t use in our homes and around our kids. You may think you’re doing the right thing by buying natural products. But, it’s hard to know if those ‘natural’ or ‘organic’ products, with the pretty green lid, contain ingredients that are actually good for your family’s health.

Not only eco-friendly but health-friendly

Pharmacist and mum of two, Cara Little, struggled for years to find natural cleaning products that were not only eco-friendly, but were also health-friendly for her own family. After seeing a gaping hole in the pharmaceutical industry market for genuinely low toxic, natural products that actually worked, Cara set out to create her own and to provide education to households. Her professional knowledge of and research into common health conditions such as allergies, asthma, eczema and autoimmune diseases is what formed the basis for her home and body range, Pure Home Body, a range of health inspired, low toxin home and body products.

Lack of regulation around natural products

Cara said “Throughout my research and my past 15 years in the health and wellness industry, I have looked at many products available. It’s scary when we realise that greenwashing or marketing to make a product seem natural, more natural or even good for you, is an actual thing. And we fall for it. I have, you have and I can guarantee everyone you know has also.”

As a health care professional, Cara said her concern around the lack of regulation with labelling and the “greenwashing” done in product marketing is what drove her to want to help families. Cara wanted to educate families about low toxin living and improving health in the home.

“I wanted to debunk the myth that eco-friendly products are health friendly – they may still contain toxic ingredients, which may not even be listed on the label!” says Cara.

Beginning as a range for her mum’s group, Pure Home Body is now loved by the wider community and many families around Australia.

“When I created the line of Pure Home Body products I made sure I put the exact ingredient name on the label and listed every, single ingredient. I avoided the use of words ‘organic’ and ‘natural’ because I am over seeing these words used to sway you to purchase. That way as a consumer you can make that educated decision as to whether or not the product suits you.” Little says.

The range consists of a number of multi-use products

Pure Home Body is designed to keep things simple. Saving you time, money and energy on your cleaning routine. For example, the Pure Home Body Multi-purpose spray is streak free and can be used on stove tops, benches, glass, mirrors and general cleaning to name a few.

Pure Home Body Multipurpose Spray

While the Pure Home Body Room Spritzer can be used as an air or furniture spray, a light body perfume or yoga mat spray.

Pure Home Body room spritzer

There’s no fancy ingredients disguising or green labels on Pure Home Body’s product. Instead a stylish, effective, low toxin, plant based products with ALL the ingredients on the label. “I let the ingredients speak for themselves and leave it up to you to decide whether my products are suited to you. I just made sure that, as a health care professional, the formulations were low toxin, plant based, damn effective and healthier for you.” Cara says.

So, next time you shop in that cleaning and body product aisle do yourself a favour. Stop, look and think to yourself. Are these products telling me exactly what’s in them? Do I know if these ingredients are healthy for me, even though it’s eco-friendly? And what can I do as a consumer to make sure that I have the upper hand over the greenwashing that happens in the market place?


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