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How to Get a New Hairstyle and Not Regret It

To lob or not to lob, that is the question. I can’t be the only one who every year pines over getting a really dramatic new hairstyle to completely shake up my look, right? I’ve toyed with pixie cuts, cute lobs and even pastel hues… but every time I go to make an appointment I completely freak out and continue to rock the same medium length, ombre tresses that I’ve had for years. And don’t even get me started of the panic that ensues before I even sit in the salon chair to get a fresh set of foils. Hairdresser trust issues? Me? No way…

So, what’s the secret to the fearless women out there who are courageous with their hair? While the majority is bravery, I’ve realised it’s that these women know what they want and explain it well.

Here’s how you can get the chop and not regret it.

Find an incredible hairdresser

I’m the first to admit that I have hairdresser trust issues, which I blame on the terrible haircuts that I had during my teen years. That’s why I’m always so dumbfounded when my girlfriends go into a salon and are ecstatic straight away (and aren’t trying to fight back tears). What I’ve found is that when it comes to hairdressers you need to do your research! Read reviews, go by word of mouth and look at what certain hairdressers specialise in. While it does seem like a lot of hard work, I guarantee it’s worth it when you have an incredible new ‘do’ that looks amazing!


When undergoing a dramatic cut, you do not want to be vague to your hairdresser about what you want. Create a mood board of the look that you’re wanting to achieve, even if it does just comprise of Vanessa Hudgens to die for wavy lob. This will make it easier to visually communicate the look you’re wanting, and will also help them adjust the style to suit your unique hair type.

Be realistic

In saying that, if you’re wanting a blunt front fringe but have naturally curly hair with dreaded cowlicks (yep, I’m describing myself here), you have to remind yourself of the time and effort it’s going to take to tame that fringe. If you can barely stand blow drying your hair after a wash then perhaps it’s time to consider a new style.

Sus it out before taking the plunge

Download a beauty app that allows you to experiment with your hair length, or even bribe the graphic designer in your office to mock up how your hair will look at your desired shorter length (we mean, who can say no to coffee!). This way you’ll have a visual of how your hair will look at its new length, and whether you will regret it or not.

It’s all in the communication

I’ve touched on this before, but communication between yourself and your hairdresser is essential! Try to be very specific about how you want your hair, bring inspiration pictures, and if you’re feeling extra nervous, practice your hair spiel to your significant other or a friend. And do not be afraid to say stop if you’re unhappy in any way with your hair. All your hairdresser wants is for you to be happy, after all.

Easy does it

If the sheer thought of you dramatically going from middle back to jawline length hair breaks you into a cold sweat, then what I suggest is that you work with your hairdresser to gradually work towards your desired length. While it’s true that there’s nothing more liberating than chopping it all off, if you’re anything like me you’ll feel an instant sense of regret, and we don’t want that!

#YOLO… or #YOHHO (you only have hair once..?)

Without sounding cringingly cliché, the truth is you only live once and your hair will grow back (give or take a few months or years). If you’ve been pining over a certain hairstyle for quite a few weeks or months, all I can say is go for it! If you follow my tips and do your research, you’re guaranteed to step out of the salon looking (and feeling) like a goddess.

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