NAIDOC Week Ebook Call for Nominations

NAIDOC Because of Her, We Can Ebook – Applications are now closed.

Femeconomy’s intention is to create gender equality. We do this by building a community through genuine connections between members. Femeconomy sparks conversations, influences policies and processes and provides education on how consumer and procurement can be used as economic levers to make a change.

Creating equality means being inclusive

Seeing and hearing diversity in leadership helps others on their career path. Because, if you can see it, you can be it. Imagine our delight when we learned about 2018’s NAIDOC theme – Because of Her, We Can. A chance to recognise all the female Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women who have kept communities together during times of turbulence and upheaval. Women who are closing the gap on a daily basis, but you never knew their name. 2018 is a chance for us to help change that.

The NAIDOC website states:

Leaders, trailblazers, politicians, activists and social change advocates

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women fought and continue to fight, for justice, equal rights, our rights to country, for law and justice. For access to education, employment and to maintain and celebrate our culture, language, music and art. They continue to influence as doctors, lawyers, teachers, electricians, chefs and nurses. As architects, rangers, emergency and defence personnel, writers, volunteers and chief executive officers. Women who are actors, singer songwriters, journalists, entrepreneurs, media personalities, board members, accountants, academics, sporting icons and Olympians, the list goes on.

Our mothers, our elders, our grandmothers, our aunties, our sisters and our daughters

Sadly, Indigenous women’s role in our cultural, social and political survival has often been invisible, unsung or diminished. For at least 65,000 years, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women have carried our dreaming stories, songlines, languages and knowledge that have kept our culture strong and enriched us as the oldest continuing culture on the planet. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women were there at first contact.

Because of Her, We Can Ebook

To celebrate the diversity of female Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander leadership and to amplify their stories on a national scale, the Queensland Government’s Office for Women has funded the first Because of Her, We Can Ebook. Femeconomy member Ngiyani and its Directors and Co-Founders, Sharon Kinchela and Chris Figg have partnered with Femeconomy on the ebook as cultural advisors and mentors to the successful applicants.

The ebook will feature 11 leadership stories from across Australia

  • Five women from Queensland
  • One woman from each of the following states and territories:
    • NSW/ACT
    • South Australia
    • Victoria
    • Tasmania
    • Northern Territory
    • Western Australia

The Ebook will be launched during NAIDOC Week (8-15 July)

Each female leader will also receive a Platinum Membership with Femeconomy and a one hour mentoring session with Ngiyani’s Co-Founders and Directors, Sharon Kinchela and Chris Figg. One Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander female leader will be profiled by Femeconomy each month until NAIDOC in 2019. Femeconomy’s Co-Founders and Directors, Alanna Bastin-Byrne and Jade Collins want the Ebook to remind us of the strength, resilience and opportunities that exist for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women beyond NAIDOC Week and for all people in business to think about how the thought leadership, advice and experience of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women could help their business.

Eligibility criteria

  1. The applicant identifies as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander
  2. The business meets Femeconomy’s approval criteria of either at least 50% female owned or has at least 30% women on the Board of Directors.
  3. The business has a digital presence.
  4. The business has been operational for at least one year.

How to Apply

Applications are now closed. Applicants will be notified of the outcome of their submission in May. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


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Posted by Alanna Bastin-Byrne - Femeconomy Director

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