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Mia de Rauch, Managing Director Flipswitch Media

With increasing amounts of video content available online, it’s bewildering to contemplate how to make your message stand out in the crowd, and for those not yet comfortable with the medium, how to even get started. Mia de Rauch, Managing Director of Flipswitch Media is an expert in her field, and shares her tips and tricks on how to best approach planning, creating and executing your video marketing strategy to engage your intended audience.

How do you help your clients and network plan their video content?

Planning really does help you save time when it comes to video content – as it does everything in life! I also find that planning out what videos you want to create, when you are going to post them and who they are for also helps you to feel more confident. Meaning you are more likely to actually post the content you create.

I’ve created different options to help clients at all levels of business and video skills. For people who just need a structure, we’ve created our Video Content Planner booklet. It maps out the steps you need to prepare and plan for your videos – with a few tips in there for video creation and posting. You can even purchase our Video Marketing Course, if you would like help along the way.

Our workshops are great as well, either in our studio or as a group in your office, over two hours we smash out the plan, topics as well as film and editing techniques with your smartphone. You and your team can then hit the ground running. For bigger businesses and people that want to really get a detailed plan in place we also offer consulting services. We work through everything – your brand style and voice, video and editing techniques, video styles, topics, copywriting and detailing your current social media insights and marketing. So we can collate all your marketing together to really hone in on the best course of action with video content.

What types of film shoots do agencies and companies use Flipswitch Media‘s warehouse for?

Our creative studio is in a warehouse in Torquay, Victoria. We are so proud of it! It’s a space that people can use for their own creative sessions. We have a white wall for photography, especially great for fashion and product. Anyone can book in and use this space. What I feel makes our space unique, is throughout the design we considered textures – so not only do you have access to a clean white wall – you can look at using other areas of the studio as background.

It might suit your branding more to have our green wall as background, wood panelled wall or our teal alcove space. It’s been used so far for fashion photoshoots, filming online programs and courses as well as simple video content.

How does your video marketing course help empower companies to develop and deliver their own content?

Flipswitch Media’s Video Marketing Course is there when you need it. It’s there to empower smaller businesses to deliver great video content while also valuing their time as a business owner. Purchasing this course helps you to navigate the ‘pre’ steps to video. I’m totally biased towards video and the strength of it – but if you are just posting videos without understanding your target audience, platforms etc – it will be a waste of your time and you will completely lose motivation.

The Video Marketing Course makes sure you are taking the steps to connect to your target audience – knowing who they are and testing what styles of videos they engage with. The aim is to give you the confidence that your video strategy is worth the effort and you are getting a strong value out of it.

In video production, what is the most complex brief you have had to deliver?

A complex brief can come in many forms. I guess the complexities come about when you have actors, crew and locations to coordinate as well keeping a creative head in script writing and storyboarding. When building video content like this, a lot comes in to play to ensure it suits the brand message, voice and that all parties are working well together. That’s before you get into the technical complexities in film and post production!

On top of that, I may need to be looking at the content as one large piece, as well as cut into shorter pieces. So does this content work as a longer whole piece? When cut down will the short pieces still fit context? We do this as we have learnt over the years that more content means more reach – so how do we make our professional video go further for a client.

Most Proud of

I’m really proud of my team and even in my own growth over the last twelve months. I feel more content in my business now than I ever have before – maybe because I’ve spent more time learning, as well as having a strong space to be in. I’m confident in my experiences now and proud of the strategies and content I’ve been able to build for other businesses.


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