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Mia de Rauch, Director, Flipswitch Media

Mia de Rauch, Director, Flipswitch Media has experienced a surge in growth with clients taking their offerings online, by helping them to professionally film and package their IP into ecourses, in a customisable way. This offering was sparked by a collaboration with a branding and marketing company, to leverage and combine a range of expert services.

We all know that video content on all social platforms is growing, but getting it right to reach your intended target audience, takes an understanding of storytelling, video and the inherent quirks of each social media platform. As an expert in video, with over 20 years experience, Mia is obsessed with, knowledgable and passionate about synthesising all these elements.

How have you helped companies produce their online ecourses and what are the elements required to create a successful ecourse?

You may have heard a lot about online courses recently – as we move to more digital learning. It’s become so much simpler to sell them as a product on your website or great platforms like Teachable – they are another sales funnel within your business. They aren’t as easy to create as you may think though, as they come with a lot of prep. Once you’ve structured out your course, there is filming, making them ready for public viewing, plus marketing them to the right audience.

I wanted to create a program that took the stress of the process off our clients. We take into consideration your brand, the styling, the workbooks, videos and even the marketing material. The whole package is around letting our clients focus on their IP and knowledge; what they want to share. We just put it together to suit your brand, price point and target audience.

How has collaboration with other businesses helped the success of Flipswitch Media?

We love collaborating with other businesses. You can’t know how to do everything, nor can you provide it all for your clients. We’ve teamed up with a branding and marketing agency that will allow our clients to source everything they need for their e-courses. We have combined branding and design, marketing consultation along with our video and photography services. It’s all the experts in one.

What are some of the things to be aware of when trialling video with your audience, and what research should companies do?

Consider the platforms you are going to be posting the videos on. This will have a huge impact on the format, length and style of videos you create.

If your audience is more likely on TikTok, then your videos will be very short and quirky. Whereas, a target audience across Facebook or LinkedIn even will expect a much more professional video – and they can be longer.

As a regional business, how have you grown during COVID?

A lot more people have had to start thinking more ‘local’ when looking for a service. Not all media companies are now based in metro cities. Now, you can have very professional and experienced creatives in small regional towns.

I believe a lot of our growth has come from being part of the business community before COVID. Just continually building our reputation. I’ve always recommended clients create online based products – COVID just really pushed them to take the steps to do that.


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