Organic Tampons Delivered to Your Door Every Month

#Life hack: organic tampons delivered to your door every month.

It’s a story not so unique amongst us ladies. We’re time poor, run off our feet, juggling a multitude of tasks and putting others before ourselves. If we’re lucky we get an hour once a week to ‘indulge’ in GOT with a glass of wine, but lets face it we’re usually ironing or preparing school lunches at the same time.

There are so many things on our list and occupying our minds, is organic tampons one of them?

We invariably find ourselves scrambling around for a tampon at that time of the month. Somehow, much to our chagrin, our period always manages to catch us by surprise. It’s like Christmas we know it’s coming, but somehow find ourselves unprepared for its actual arrival!

I regularly asked my inner self, as I ducked out to the chemist every other month. What I wouldn’t give to have my tampons delivered to me? I did occasionally look for an online solution to get them delivered, but none were very reliable, intuitive or appealing and I ended up giving up the ghost and moving on, only to ponder the same question the next month(s).

Fast forward to a health scare and a forced ‘review’ of my lifestyle, from the food I consumed to the products I used on my skin.

Like most women the tampons I used were the same ones I’d been using since I was a teenager. Let’s face it we give our period and tampon choice as little thought as possible. We tolerate them; we mostly have a love/hate relationship with them, but deal with them we must.

By now, looking for the ingredients on boxes and packaging was par for the course and so I find myself looking for the ingredients of my tampons. Nothing. No ingredients listed. Not even on the little info sheet. I subsequently discovered that in Australia it’s not a legal requirement to print on the labels.  Out of curiosity I phoned around a few brands to find out what is in those tampons and pads. You might be surprised to learn that they are full of man made material, plastics, synthetics and semi-synthetics. Just because they look like cotton doesn’t mean they are made from it!

More horrifying though was that during the bleaching process, residuals of a chemical known as dioxin remain in each tampon. They are miniscule amounts but when you consider we use 11,000 tampons in our lifetime, that can’t be good.

Over a glass of vino (organic, might I add!), Liverpool St was born

I was chatting with girlfriends and said:  “Imagine getting your monthly supply of organic tampons delivered to your door. I pay for Netflix every month and never give it a second thought – what about getting my tampons delivered. I’d love to never have to think about that again. What a #lifehack that would be.”

And thus….Liverpool St was born. A neighbourhood of people who care about their health, the planet and future generations of young women; whilst conveniently delivering organic feminine hygiene products to your door.

We both know, you and I, that you’re time poor and don’t want to waste any valuable brain capacity on your tampons. All you need do now is spend 2 minutes on your mobile and subscribe for your monthly delivery.  Yep, that easy.

You’ll. Never. Run. Out. Again.

Say it again.

You’ll. Never. Run. Out. Again.

Sounds good doesn’t it?

Liverpool St offers subscription orders Regular and Super tampons delivered to your door every month.

One of the most popular bundles in our range is the Mixed Bundle; a combination of a Regular and Super pack, for the woman who needs both.  It’s something unique to Liverpool St and not offered in any retail outlet.


Liverpool St Organic Tampons Mixed Bundle

So here’s one thing you tick off your never-ending to-do list right now:

Get your organic tampons from Liverpool St delivered every single month.

Siobhan Komander Founder Liverpool StSiobhan Komander, Founder, Liverpool St

I’m passionate about women and our issues. I believe together we can do anything, we set our minds too, whilst smiling, juggling and laughing at the absurdity of it all. Increasingly, we are becoming more aware of what we eat but we haven’t paid much attention to what else our insides are exposed to every single month. Our mission at Liverpool St is to raise awareness and understanding that simple changes can have a big impact on your long term health. Together, let’s make Liverpool St a voice for good practical advice, education, support and real products for the modern woman.


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