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Lauren Calvert, Director, The Well-Suited Group: Female Leader Conversations

Lauren Calvert is the Founder and Director of The Well-Suited Group which is emerging as the ‘go to’ agency for executives seeking premium administrative support services. TWSG is disrupting the traditional working week and offering its clients and its staff flexibility through bespoke support solutions. Clients are matched with highly skilled EAs who deliver premium service which Lauren says is key to creating a valued business partnership.


How is TWSG reimagining the traditional boss/EA partnership?

I started TWSG to be an advocate for women in senior administrative support roles looking for more flexibility in the workforce. As we have seen with COVID, technology allows us to do our jobs from anywhere. Just because you’re not sitting in the same office as your boss doesn’t mean you are any less supportive or effective in your role. On the flipside, I have met lots of executives who have transitioned out of the corner office but who still need admin support, just not on a full-time basis. It’s hard to find good people and that’s what sets us apart, all our EAs are vetted and highly skilled with a minimum of 10 + years’ experience.


What type of support is available, and who is it for?

We provide bespoke and flexible executive support solutions to high level executives, board members, entrepreneurs, and businesses. This may include 1:1 EA support for transactional tasks such as inbox and diary management to more complex strategic business support. We also offer ad hoc/project-based support for a specific event, or campaign.

More recently I have been engaged by some well-known businesses to recruit for specific EA roles based on my expertise in understanding not only our clients’ needs, but also hiring the right candidate to create a successful EA/CEO business partnership.


How does TWSG help busy executives adopt more flexible work practices?

We are certainly seeing a trend in more businesses choosing to outsource their administrative needs, in an effort to adopt a more flexible approach to work. The benefit to outsourcing means no overhead costs, hours can be scaled up and down accordingly and our clients have access to additional resources when they need.


How do you match clients with the right support?

I have the benefit of 15 years’ experience working as an Executive Assistant – so I know what it takes to do the job and do it well. I run TWSG on a referral system, all EAs are someone I have either worked with directly or who have been referred to me by someone I know personally. For me, it is about building and maintaining high quality personnel who I can trust to deliver a premium service.


What is the one task that you see outsourced that gives the most time back to the client?

That’s a tough question as I see execs save the most time when they have built that trusted support with their EA and they know and can predict how each other work. That just comes with time. But if I had to name one task, it’s managing emails! Inboxes can take so much time away from being able to work on what matters


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