Laura Keily

Laura Keily, Founder & CEO, Immediation: Female Leader Conversations

Laura Keily is a barrister and entrepreneur with a background as a top-tier corporate lawyer, company director, business adviser and in-house counsel for listed corporations. A qualified arbitrator and specialist in corporations law and complex commercial litigation, Laura is recognised for her work in pioneering online mediation and dispute resolution through Immediation.

How is Immediation democratising justice by leveraging technology?

In 2019, reports estimated the number of people lacking adequate access to justice at 5 billion globally. That’s the majority of the planet’s population. Among the many reasons cited:

  • not understanding the process or fearing it;
  • lack of transportation or time to appear in a court;
  • misunderstanding when they might need representation.

All of these can be solved by technology and Immediation is one solution that provides an easy answer for these hurdles. Importantly, our platform is based on the rule of law, so it perfectly replicates the way the justice system and courts operate in “the real world” in an accessible digital way.

Tell us about Immediation’s international expansion.

I built Immediation prior to the pandemic – when it hit, we were perfectly positioned to help the Australian Federal, State and Family Courts continue the administration of justice. But the field of dispute resolution extends well beyond our borders. We expanded into New Zealand first and in 2022 we made our first inroads into North America, Asia and Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

How have partnerships contributed to Immediation’s rapid growth?

We are an open Application Program Interface (API) and we’re happy to connect to case management systems, financial management systems, document and e-discovery solutions – pulling all of them into one interface and simplifying the journey – less paper, more purpose. This openness reduces reticence among our buyers. Partnerships are important and we view them as bridges.

Why do lawyers prefer Immediation to other video conferencing platforms?

In a word: security. I am a lawyer and a barrister. I am not a technologist. A technology that understands me and the nuances of law; that protects privilege; that has thought through my process, so I don’t have to. That’s the magic.

Immediation was designed to look and feel like home for people like me – those who are not technology fans. When a technology streamlines the number of interfaces I have to deal with, I’m sold! Immediation currently has 45 features. It can be configured to incorporate more than 12 other tech interfaces into a simple screen.


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