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Karyn Gonano, Director KLG Communications: Female Leader Conversations

Crafting words that influence is critical for effective communication. As a writing coach for a diverse range of clients, Karyn Gonano enhances the way they communicate. Karyn’s unique approach guides the development of their speeches, presentations, pitches, reports, articles and grant applications so they impactfully reach their intended audiences.


Why do you consider communication an art form?

While the fundamental rules of good writing can be learned, connecting with audiences and framing ideas in a way that is compelling is certainly an art form. The art of effective communication requires a nuanced under-standing of the structure and style of a specific genre and profession – a combination of delicate explanation and authoritative poignancy.


How do you help academics and published authors hone their message?

Influential communication demands a vision, a purpose, and someone to provide you feedback. In my career as a global communications professional, I have developed a toolkit to help my clients turn scientific jargon, technical language, policy speak and abstract ideas into clear language that is meaningful and accessible to the audience they want to reach.

Writing is a complex process so feedback is critical if your communication is to be as effective as possible. I offer a unique perspective to provide deeply insightful feedback using workshops, writing retreats and one-on-one coaching – something I love to do, especially for technical writers and innovators whose work often needs to be translated to broader audiences. My use of probing questions leads my clients to develop ideas in new ways, having deeper insights into their work and developing a clear, compelling and authoritative voice. My approach of iterative feedback produces immediate outcomes, trains writers for future work, and empowers them to think differently about their message.


How can business professionals convey information with greatest impact?

Presenting with influence requires that you captivate your audience. We want to WOW them! I always advise my clients to focus on the significance of their work and the problems it is solving. Convey your purpose, passion, belief and confidence that your work will change the world and solve the problems of the planet.

With this in mind, you can take your audience on a journey through your world of extraordinary ideas (rather than just a collection of facts), using examples, creating momentum and inspiring them to take action.


What are the fundamental elements to a successful speech?

My first suggestion would be to engage a writing coach to help you prepare! Great speakers have a take away message that makes it clear what it is they want to happen as a result of their presentation. They do their research, identify who will be in their audience and then consider what each member of the audience needs to hear or know.

Crafting successful keynote speeches requires factoring in time to think. I can help you explore techniques to use for example in your conclusions, that leave your audience with your most important message fresh in their minds, clear about the action you want them to take.

And of course, a successful keynote speech must be practised, practised, practised.


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