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Karen Perks, Managing Director, Ancient Wisdom Writers: Female Leader Conversations

Ancient Wisdom Writers specialise in writing grants and tenders to help you access funding or win contracts for your business. Karen Perks and her team’s expertise navigates strategy, regulations, evaluation criteria and language to help you access the range of Federal, State and Local government initiatives Australia-wide.


What is the key to writing a successful tender?

Connecting our clients’ solution to the specifications of the grant or tender is crucial to writing a successful tender or grant. We assess the client’s capabilities or project against the evaluation criteria to determine the client’s ability to be compliant.

Structuring the responses is important so that messages are clear and concise. We respond to the assessment criteria questions with informative responses that provide credible evidence. There are many moving parts in any submission, and our role is taking that helicopter view of the opportunity and ensuring capability, experience and capacity of the business is captured.


How do you help organisations decide whether to proceed with a bid?

Complete transparency is key to building a productive business relationship and we apply this when helping organisations decide to proceed, or not. Depending on the size of the tender or grant, this can be a formal workshop or one-on-one discussion where we evaluate the grant outcomes or tender specifications with the assessment criteria against your solution or project.

We discuss a range of areas in your business such as capability, experience to deliver, competitors and pricing to develop your unique response strategy for the submission. Our approach is straightforward and one that adds value now and into the future.


What’s crucial information to include in a bid?

This is, without doubt, one of the most important bid submission documents. CVs for bids are much more than a list of projects worked on.

It is a capability summary of your team, successfully blending project experience, key industry skills, highlighting accomplishments and innovations achieved. We showcase how the team’s technical skills, sector specialisation, legacies and achievements on projects that demonstrates how you will add value. We interview every person, uncovering and showcasing their skills relevant to the project to present your team as the most experienced and first choice for the project.


How does proofreading and editing technical and business documents impact communication?

This is a really good question and it’s often an area that is overlooked, however it is absolutely fundamental to the impact of the submission document. A document that is accurately proofread and edited demonstrates the care and attention to detail in your business approach.

Key to producing high quality documents, is clear communication of ideas to ensure they are easily understood and not misrepresented by inaccuracies or typos. Editing ensures a comprehensive document review, content suggestions, organisational analysis, presentation and style, and a plain English review. This service adds an impressive edge to all business documents and submissions.


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