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Kara de Schot, Creative Director, Pixel Co Creative & Marketing: Female Leader Conversations

Kara de Schot is on a mission to make marketing simple and effective. Leading her talented female creative team at Pixel Co Creative & Marketing, she works with clients of all sizes and industries to provide individual projects or fully-dedicated marketing services covering strategy, branding and design, social media management, web design and digital advertising.


What should be considered when creating a customer centric marketing strategy?

The first component of a solid strategy centres around a business owner’s ideal target market. To understand them on a deeper level is to understand where to focus your marketing efforts. This saves wasted time and resources in marketing to the wrong audiences.

A personalised marketing message will engage ideal customers faster and more effectively than a generic branding statement. Always remember, it’s not about YOU. Many entrepreneurs build businesses around themselves (their own likes, dislikes, online behaviours and opinions). But you are not your clients, remain open and look at the data always, ask your clients, people are often surprised at who their customers really are and where they can be found.


How do you help business owners grapple with their social media strategy?

It’s important to recognise that social media strategy requires expertise just like any area of business. I work with clients to ensure their social media goals are realistic and achievable, and they are utilising the correct platforms and strategy to achieve them. I see business owners pour days into the wrong areas and become so disenchanted when this doesn’t generate their expected results. A lot of clarity comes out of the what, why, how, where and who that I ask in our first conversation. Simply knowing which aspects of social media will bring the best results can save a huge amount of time and money.


Share your tips on designing websites to create engagement and conversion.

A good looking website with no marketing strategy is leaving money on the table. When building or rebuilding your website ensure to always consider the user experience. When a site is professionally designed, easy to understand and navigate, with effective CTAs it will increase leads. And don’t forget to consider your SEO, the friendlier your site is to the Google gods, the higher up the search engines you’ll be (increased traffic, again means increased leads!).


How do you support businesses to save on resources and deliver results?

Marketing covers so many different platforms and skills, which often results in businesses hiring a handful of experts that they or their marketing manager have to manage daily. It is time consuming and frustrating to source and orchestrate different experts to work to the same strategy. Likewise bringing them in-house adds increased overheads and risk. I have developed my own in-house team to cover all marketing skillsets from strategy to implementation. We operate as your personal marketing team, or we can support your marketing manager. Liaising with just one person, who understands and can guide your business through all facets of marketing, will save you countless hours and never-ending frustrations. Marketing can and should be simple! Having an expert take care of marketing your business allows you to focus on what you do best.


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