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Joanne McCauley, Managing Partner, Jigsaw Tax & Advisory: Female Leader Conversations

Joanne McCauley is the Managing Partner at Jigsaw Tax & Advisory, a business she founded in 2008. While specialising in tax, it quickly became clear that small businesses need much more assistance than an annual tax return. Clients need solid and trusted business advice. Helping small businesses is Joanne’s passion.


How do you support clients ranging from hotels to trades businesses?

Tax is only one aspect of business, and I believe that to be a good advisor you need to be curious about different businesses and what makes them unique. I ask questions so I can really understand the business and its needs.

I then use the knowledge I have gained through experience to come up with the best solutions for the client. I am constantly learning, whether that be professional development, listening to podcasts or reading. Communication with clients is key to gaining their trust, but often this involves listening and questioning. I use simple language and this allows me to deal with a diverse range of clients who just want to understand the complexities of tax and business.


How did you grow your business to service clients nationally?

Although I run a regional business, I share my time between Goulburn, Sydney and Canberra, with an office in each location. Technology has been a great advantage to our business, as we operate totally from the cloud, opening up opportunities for us to access clients and staff from all over Australia. We have staff who work from Albury, Wollongong and the Gold Coast and use video conferencing to meet with clients who cannot get to an office.


What’s your advice to women who manage their partner’s business finances?

I believe that small businesses (including trade businesses) are family businesses. It is important that the woman is respected for her role in the business and is involved in decisions that impact the family. She needs to understand the financial position and feel confident to ask questions, as there is no such thing as a silly question. I would also suggest she read my blog articles that I write on Tradie WAGS and listen to my podcast, Money Honey. I want to empower women to be confident business owners.


How does STARTS (Southern Tablelands Arts) impact the local community?

Southern Tablelands Arts is a regional arts organisation that promotes arts and cultural activities across the six contributing council areas it represents. Arts and culture have a large impact on rural communities, crossing over into employment, tourism and providing a range of support to those with disabilities, our youth, our older population and the rich culture of our Indigenous communities. I am also a board member of Goulburn Family Support Services as well as a committee member of Ngununggula, Southern Highlands Regional Gallery. It is important to give back to your community and I have learned so much from being involved in these organisations.


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