Hulya Polites

Hulya Polites, Managing Director, Synergy Insurance Brokers: Female Leader Conversations

With an Australian Financial Services Licence and 25 years of insurance experience, Hulya Polites — Managing Director of Synergy Insurance Brokers — provides competitive, responsive broking, up-to-date risk advice, and placement services to support your business’ risk management exposures.

How did your experience building a New York law firm inform your Australian business?

I am a firm believer that things do not happen; things are made to happen. Entering the extremely competitive New York Law market, required undaunting dedication, hard work, and complete self-belief. My insights have led to the inauguration of Synergy Insurance Brokers in 2011 — a firm specializing in general insurance.

Since then, I have actively catered to a diverse clientele ranging from start-ups/small to medium enterprises to Australian Stock Exchange listed entities.

How did your executive leadership training at HSBC influence your leadership style?

HSBC Leadership Programme selects a small number of participants and allows them to enhance their talents in various areas of business. My time at HSBC identified my leadership style as “Transformational” due to my inherent passion, energy, and desire for all my group members to succeed.

In fact, this is the inspiration behind the name “Synergy”.

Has COVID changed the Insurance Industry?

COVID highlighted the need for process change and enforced remote working. For a business that lacked flexibility, the change resulted in the downfall of the business.

However, at Synergy, we have a flexible business model in place, thus we efficiently dealt with problems including increased claim rate, remote workforce implementation, increase in cybercrime, and evolved customer behaviour.

We adopted digitalised solutions and updated our cyber fraud strategies to yield better results.

How have you overcome career obstacles?

The biggest career obstacle is creating a balance between my work and personal life. While trying to be a present mother, I want to empower myself to the best of my abilities by growing my business.


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