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Georgia Henry, Director, HENRY REED: Female Leader Conversations

Georgia Henry is the Founder of HENRY REED. With over 25 years’ experience in business leadership and corporate human resources, and an innate understanding of how important people are to the success of any business, Georgia created her business to improve the experience of work through culture and leadership.


Why is culture top of mind for Boards, CEOs and Executives?

Workplace interaction has become a fundamental part of human rights, which means people in these positions are becoming increasingly aware of the impact of organisational culture on individuals. We are consistently seeing organisations facing public scrutiny for their internal behaviours, policies, and ways of working; and, consequently, facing reputational, financial, legal, and operational implications for allowing detrimental cultures to exist. The cost and risk of not acting on culture is far greater than proactively investing in culture.


What areas of culture does HENRY REED address within businesses?

Culture is identified through norms and standards of behaviour, as well as the language and unwritten ground rules that are accepted and reinforced within an organisation. While culture is rooted in behaviours, culture must also consider governance and risk frameworks, and the capability and actions of leaders who enable culture.

Guided by our Model of Organisational Effectiveness, HENRY REED holistically assesses and designs culture, and sustainably embeds culture transformation through strategy, leadership capability, and experiences.


How does HENRY REED support organisations through culture change?

As an independent partner, HENRY REED provides unbiased insights and evidence of culture. Drawing on our experience, we work collaboratively with our clients to identify areas of risk and design solutions that shift culture, ensuring that the right experiences and impacts are achieved. We are engaged to optimise culture, provide due diligence for mergers and acquisitions, bring an evidence-based and strategic focus to organisational effectiveness, and improve leadership capability to successfully guide culture.


What are some of the highlights from the HENRY REED 2021 Culture Research Study?

This year’s results show that there is still confusion when it comes to who owns and is responsible for culture, which impacts risk focus and accountability for culture impact.
Many of the enablers of success were based on operational decisions and reactions to external factors, while inhibitors aligned to governance, change readiness, and leadership capability. Moving into 2022, the key areas of focus for most organisations are communication and leadership capability.


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