Gender Equality – International Day of the Girl, Letter to my daughter Harper

We would like to recognise our daughters on this International Day of the Girl Child.

Dear Harper,

You are kind, clever, creative, funny, and curious about everything. Thank you for the wonder and the joy you bring to my life every day. It is incredible to experience the world through your observations.

I am proud of you and the person you are growing into. You care about people, animals (especially horses) and understanding the world around you. You are an old soul in a child’s body, who frequently breaks out into crazy dancing. I love to hear you singing to yourself while you play.

You inspire me to make the world better where I am able to, because it seems like the right way to demonstrate my thanks to the universe for giving me you. Your future will be as bright as your cheeky grin.

Love Mum xx

To celebrate International Day of the Girl, we invite you to share a letter to your daughter. Let’s take five to tell them we love them and our hopes for their future.

Posted by Jade Collins - Femeconomy Founder

Mother, wife, daughter, determined dreamer. Lover of books. Background in Human Resources leadership in global organisations.