Femeconomy.com creates a legacy

Femeconomy.com Creates a Legacy

A Place in History

Late last year, we were contacted by the State Library of Queensland (SLQ), who requested our permission to archive Femeconomy’s website to the Australian National Web Archive. This means Femeconomy will be able to be accessed by the public globally in perpetuity. The reason Femeconomy was selected is because it meets the guidelines as being a subject of social, political, cultural or economic significance and relevant to Queensland.

Why Does it Matter?

At the current rate of change, our grandchildren’s children won’t experience gender equality in their lifetime. However, when gender equality is finally achieved, our national archives will retain for future generations the legacy of those who were instrumental in advancing gender equality.

Measuring progress and celebrating milestones, as well as capturing stories as an evolving culture are all important to achieving a more inclusive society.

For those women who have shared their leadership wisdom with Femeconomy via our Female Leader Interviews, we are so immensely proud that their voices, and thought leadership, will be captured and preserved forever. Your grandchildren’s children and future generations will be able to read about you and celebrate how you helped shape a more gender equal society.

We Said Yes (Of Course)

Admist a lot of excited screaming, we returned our immediate permission and thanks to the State Library of Queensland for selecting Femeconomy for this honour.

SLQ have already taken a full capture of Femeconomy’s website, and added it to the Australian Web Archive. They have advised that they will continue to repeat this process periodically.


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Posted by Jade Collins - Femeconomy Founder

Mother, wife, daughter, determined dreamer. Lover of books. Background in Human Resources leadership in global organisations.