feeling blah fashion hacks

Feeling Blah Fashion Hacks

You know those days when you feel like you have a wardrobe of nothing and everything feels uncomfortable? Say goodbye to feeling blah and work your look with these fashion hacks from Fashion Weekly.

Recently I found myself on a little holiday where confidence hit an all time low. I didn’t feel great in my clothes, but through my distress I discovered a few hacks that I have to share with you. You need to rely on your trusted wardrobe and a few styling tips. Here are the few essentials that will ensure an instant pick me up.

Katfans or shift dresses

A brightly coloured or boldly printed kaftan oozes immediate glamour. It will have you looking effortlessly chic without even trying.

As for a shift dress, opt for a block colour or a more subtle print. We’re not looking for a 60s return, so choose a style that sits just above or below the knee. Then team with a few of your favourite accessories to customise and modernise your look.

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Femeconomy suggests

Camilla’s Pretty Precession Long Lace Up Kaftan or the Wish Underline L.S. Dress.

Camilla's Pretty Precession Long Lace Up Kaftan

Camilla’s Pretty Precession Long Lace Up Kaftan

Wish Underline L.S. Dress

Wish Underline L.S. Dress

Oversized top with a figure hugging skirt

You’ll be surprised how an oversized top that floats can work wonders when teamed with a fitted skirt. Not only does it speak volumes about your style but it also means you get to sit, stand or even dance in comfort. The best way to prevent you looking like a tent is to ensure that all proportions are well balanced. The oversized top should skim over the tummy and end just below your hips. The fitted skirt should sit just above or below the knee. Anything in-between will cut you off and may look frumpy.

Femeconomy suggests

Viktoria + Woods Heritage Pleat Shirt with MINKPINK’s Textured Tube Skirt

Viktoria + Woods Heritage Pleat Shirt

Viktoria + Woods Heritage Pleat Shirt


MinkPink Textured Tube Skirt

MINKPINK’S Textured Tube Skirt

Long necklace with a statement pendant

You probably just read that and thought, what? Well, let me explain myself. Necklaces that hang around the bellybutton area will elongate your torso. Team your new bestfriend with an off the shoulder top or cocktail dress and watch the illusion. Sheer brilliance, I say!

Femeconomy suggests

Wayne Cooper’s Geometric Metal Sleek Tassel Necklace or Michael Hill’s Cubic Zirconia & Sterling Silver Charm Lariat Necklace.

Wayne Cooper's Geometric Metal Sleek Tassel Necklace

Wayne Cooper’s Geometric Metal Sleek Tassel Necklace

Michael Hill's Cubic Zirconia & Sterling Silver Charm Lariat Necklace

Michael Hill’s Cubic Zirconia &
Sterling Silver Charm Lariat Necklace

Belts that accentuate the right areas for you

Honestly, belts and women are often in a love hate relationship. Sometimes it can make you look all hourglass like and sometimes it looks like a train-wreck. My biggest hate is when belts don’t sit well.

Depending on your frame, (busty girls, stay away from this trick), I tend to wear my belt a little higher on my rib cage rather than on my waist. Everything tends to stay in place and is more comfortable. I also find that skinnier belts cut me in half – so I prefer to work a thicker belt. And elastic is more forgiving and ends up contouring the body rather than fighting against it.

Play with different belt styles and find out where the best place to wear them is on your figure. Hips? Waistline? The biggest secret to styling your outfit like a pro is proportions.

Femeconomy suggests

The Third Row feature Alpha 60’s Beth Belt in Navy which can be stretched side or gathered into a smaller belt. Or, Showpo’s Driven Belt in Black.

The Third Row Alpha 60 belt

Alpha 60 Beth Belt in Navy


Showpo's Driven Belt in Black

Showpo’s Driven Belt in Black

Confidently play with fashion and make it work for you. Like we’ve discussed here, embrace your body with these style tips that actually work!

Stacey O’Keeffe is tStacey O'Keefe Fashion Weeklyhe Director at Fashion Weekly, a personal stylist and media influencer

Her goal is to inspire and empower women and men globally. When she’s not obsessing over the latest runway collections, scrolling through Instagram or styling photoshoots, you can find her dining out with friends and family or curled up at home sipping on red wine while watching Sex and the City reruns.


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