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EOFY Sale – hardtofind and Farm to Hanger

Farm to Hanger and hardtofind support independent craftspeople and manufacturers. Anna-Louise Howard is the Owner of Farm to Hanger and produces sustainable, eco-friendly and ethical fashion by hand and personally knows everyone in her supply chain. Eri Stewart is the Owner of hardtofind and she supports independent sellers the world over who produce gifts, homewares, prints and jewellery to name a few. Not only will you save with their end of financial year sales, but you will be supporting independent stores and female led brands.

farm to hanger sale

Farm to Hanger produce Australian made, sustainable clothing for women and men. They are 100% female owned, 100% Australian grown and manufactured with a transparent supply chain. Only using cotton from a ‘dryland’ cotton farm that does not use intensive farming or Murray-Darling irrigation. They are a zero plastics company and have a carbon offset arrangement with non-profit Greenfleet, planting a tree for every item they make.  They also offer a repair and recycle service, so their customers can recycle their textile waste. Farm to Hanger are offering a special EOFY sale with a discount for Femeconomy’s community. Enjoy!

Farm to Hanger EOFY sale

hardtofind EOFY sale

The hardtofind sale is a like a department store of unique, exceptional products from independent craftspeople and manufacturers. Once you buy from hardtofind, the seller will send you your items directly, for that extra personal touch.

Home and Garden Sale

hardtofind’s home and garden sale includes everything from kitchenware to personalised glassware to a plethora of cushions featured below:

hardtofind cushions EOFY sale

Jewellery sale

hardtofind’s jewellery sale has something for every style and taste. Here is a sample to set your creative flair on fire!

Kids sale

Save on children’s clothes, toys, personalised gifts, homewares and much more. Here is a snapshot of some of the gorgeous clothes on sale.

EOFY hardtofind kids clothes


You are the female economy. Whether you are a female consumer, business owner or a woman in the workforce, you can create gender equality by choosing female led brands. Farm to Hanger and hardtofind are Femeconomy members.

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