Vulcana Women's Circus

Circus pays homage to Victorian Strong Woman, Vulcana

Vulcana Women’s Circus takes its name from Vulcana the Victorian era strongwoman, once known as the strongest woman in the world.

Formed in 1995 in response to the need to create a safe, non-competitive space where women could feel free to explore their physical potential, Vulcana recognises that women have a different physical experience when learning skills in a “women only” space.

Vulcana creates opportunities for women, trans and non-binary genders, young people and communities to participate in physical and creative processes, to express ideas of transformation, risk and expanded notions of “normal”, through the learning, teaching and performance of circus.

Vulcana respects diversity and the feminist principles of equity and inclusion.

Adult workshops and community projects are predominantly open to individuals who identify themselves as women, trans and non-binary genders. Kids and teens workshops are open to mixed genders. In addition, they offer mixed gender adult workshops. Their performances are renowned for being an empowering celebration of the participants’ experience and promote cultural exchanges between participants and arts-workers. Vulcana use cross-arts collaborations, physical theatre, high production values to demonstrate inspiring circus skills.

Each year Vulcana Women’s Circus identifies priority disadvantaged groups to engage with meaningfully.

As an non-profit organisation who wants to change the world through circus, Vulcana has a long history of self-funding projects or placements in our workshops program for the community’s most vulnerable women. It’s important to recognise and value all women as leaders and role models. Healthy, empowered women are essential in building and shaping strong communities.

Shared physical language and a sense of trust and connection within a well-structured workshop group provides both a supportive yet affirming medium. Generating a sense of pride and achievement to contribute to well-being.

100 Women Strong

As Queensland’s oldest thriving women’s arts organisation, Vulcana Women’s Circus are developing a sustainable cultural enterprise model to ensure a strong future featuring continued innovation, taking risks and contributing to social change.

Vulcana Women’s Circus are seeking to engage 100 Women Strong leaders from the community and business sectors to transform the path for disadvantaged women. Women with varying levels of giving capacity and experience, from diverse backgrounds, professions and cultures and who share the same aspirations for other women are invited into this flexible giving circle.

For more information on Vulcana Women’s Circus workshops, programs or 100 Women Strong campaign, contact


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