CHristmas purse power

Femeconomy Members’ Christmas Purse Power in Action!

Think about your household. Who spends hours thinking about the right gifts for friends and family? Who does the grocery shop for the multitude of celebrations during the festive season? Who tells other family members what to buy for your partner, children and potentially pets? You. The female economy.

Australians spent $963 billion in total during the 2016-17 financial year. Therefore, it is estimated that women spent $818 billion over the same time period. That’s an incredible amount of economic power women have in their hands as customers, to effect change. Purchasing from companies that are women led will encourage more companies to have women in leadership.

Female consumers are loyal and habitually shop 10 brands. If women buy from B2C and B2B brands that have women in leadership, women will impact bottom lines. This leads to more women in leadership to advance gender equality. It’s The Femeconomy Effect.

Companies with female leaders are more profitable, which means more opportunity for everyone. They are also less likely to have a gender pay gap, which equals more money for the whole family. Female-led companies are more likely to have workplace flexibility, which helps women and men. There are so many wonderful female-owned companies across Australia. Some of our members have kindly shared their Christmas shopping ideas, so you can use your purse power for gender equality this Christmas.

Kristen Souvlis, Managing Director, Like a Photon Creative

I’ve got a large extended family and so does my husband, so we’re all about the Secret Santa gifts for the family. We’ve got ranges from $20 – $100 so there’s always something from the Femeconomy list we can grab! For the kids (they’re included in the Secret Santa as well!) I LOVE GoldieBlox. I absolutely delight in seeing my nieces keep up with my nephews with building something from their imagination.

For the family, I’m a big David Jones shopper. I love the variety and the brands, and the prices are certainly competitive for the quality. For my husband, we normally just buy something that we need, with a little surprise for the day. Something fun and cool from ASOS is always good!

Michelle Redfern, Founder, Advancing Women in Business & Sport

I love online shopping, particularly at Christmas time. What I also know is that with the help of Femeconomy, I can shop efficiently and in line with my values and purpose, which is for a gender equal and inclusive society. The Femeconomy-approved brands such as Benefit and Mary & Marie mean I can shop with a clear conscience at Christmas time, knowing I am advancing women and their businesses.

Sarah Le Breton, Executive Director, Lawology

I have four little chaps under the age of five to shop for this Christmas, between my sister and myself. As such, I’ll definitely be checking out the Tinta Crayons. Not only are they made of natural bee and plant waxes, they also come in the coolest toy-like shapes. Hello, the Dino Mountain range! I’ll also be shopping with Kmart Australia. It would be inconceivable for me not to have one (or maybe 10) of their metre-high, freestanding, pink tinsel Christmas flamingo lights! My very own flamboyance of Christmas flamingo cheer.

Simone McLaughlin, Founder, Jobs Shared

This Christmas we’re doing Secret Santa for the adults, so I’ll be heading to Conscious Kin for one of their awesome hampers. Obviously, it would be rude to not stock up on a few necessities for myself when there. My husband will get some clothes from Jac + Jack (who coincidently sell really nice women’s clothes too!). For the kids, I can’t go past Tinta Crayons for my 3-year-old, who still eats them. Yes I’m aware this phase should have passed long ago, so at least these have no nasties. The rest will come from Green Ant Toys, which has so many great toys – I’m really loving their Science Kits. As for me, Mon Purse is top of my wish list.


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Posted by Alanna Bastin-Byrne - Femeconomy Director

CEO of the house, community builder and a globetrotting nomad. Background in Marketing and Communications leadership in the UK and Australia.