Christmas menu sorted!

In the interests of saving everyone a bit of time this Christmas, I thought I would share our Christmas menu. This will be delivered to my door by Femeconomy approved Woolworths or Coles, because there is no way I am braving the shops with two kids and their amped up pester power thanks to Christmas.


Smoky Chipotle Oysters

I will probably keep the dressing on the side as there is one person at the table that is a bit spice resistant. Plus, if I do a rubbish job on the dressing, I haven’t napalmed all the oysters.


Prosciutto-wrapped prawns

We cooked these last Christmas and they are super easy and ridiculously tasty. We didn’t use the garlic on them last time, just king prawns wrapped in prosciutto and cooked on the barbie while everyone is chatting.



Citrus and Dill Salmon Gravlax

Citrus and Dill Salmon Gravlax

Fig-Glazed Ham


Sweet potato salad with buttermilk dressing

Sweet potato salad with buttermilk dressing

Prawn, mango and avocado salad

This tried and true recipe is a Christmas tradition in the Bastin-Byrne household and will be supplied by the wonderful Femeconomy Co-Founder, Jade Collins.


Charred vege and couscous salad



Cheese Board

For those who know our family, we have an unhealthy obsession with cheese. It takes me to my happy place.


Christmas pudding

This is a gift from my Mother-in-Law because everyone knows desserts aren’t my forte.

Christmas pudding

Table setting

I have a jasmine vine. It’s great to weave down the middle of the table on a white table cloth for special occasions. I like to marry this with my Nana’s vintage Royal Doulton tableware in green and white. I love being reminded of Nana’s generosity and spirit at this time of year. No doubt we will be raising our glasses to her and to all our family across the Great Southern Land who cannot be with us in person. I am looking forward to seeing which wacky Christmas bon-bons my children pick to finish off the table.

Christmas table setting

Psst, Woolworths also have some great deals on Christmas treats…

Yes, we are planning on eating leftovers for every meal after Christmas for the next few days!


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