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Christina Hobbs, Co-Founder & CEO, Verve Super: Female Leader Conversations

Christina Hobbs is the CEO of Australia’s first superannuation fund to be founded by women specifically for women. Christina is one of three incredible founders of Verve, she’s passionate about harnessing the financial power of women to change the world.


Why did you start Verve Super?

Zoe, Alex and I started Verve Super to support women to build wealth and to invest that wealth for a better world. We’re passionate about trying to help close the 35% super gap between men and women. And we know that when women join forces, our financial power can create real change.

*Calculated with data from Superannuation Account Balances By Age and Gender, ASFA and Superannuation Statistics June 2021 Quarter, ASFA.


How does Verve Super address the gender superannuation gap?

At Verve we seek to support women to holistically build wealth. We focus on striving for strong superannuation returns for our members and also providing services that truly support women.

Our members get free access to our financial educational platform; we provide free 1:1 career and finance coaching; we prioritise making investments into companies that lead the way on gender equality and inclusion (this is a first for an Australian super fund); our member service team (consisting of caring women) are always there to offer friendly support; and we also pause our fixed fees when our members are on parental leave. But most importantly, we harness the power of our community to advocate for fairer super policies.


Why is it important to invest in ethical superannuation funds

By 2025 Australian women will hold $1.5 trillion in superannuation. That’s an incredible amount of financial power. Yet, without knowing it, many Australians are investing their super in fossil fuel companies, weapon manufacturers, tobacco producers and even gambling companies. Investing in an ethical super fund is about making a stance about the world you want your money to be contributing towards. At Verve we actively invest our members’ money into projects like renewable energy, social housing, and microfinance as well as your typical investments.


How does Verve support women’s financial knowledge?

Verve’s financial education platform and our magazine are all about providing tools to support women (and everyone) to build wealth in line with their values. It’s a place where we make financial knowledge accessible, filled with money guides, articles, courses, coaches, events and workshops.

We’re excited to be revamping the entire platform, with new courses, guides and events this year!


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