5 March, 2018
Easter Chocolate Alternative

Easter Chocolate Alternatives for Your Children (Fur Babies included)

I feel slightly overwhelmed by the amount of chocolate on our shelves. Tempting our toddlers into using their pester power by melting down into a supermarket tantrum. A few years’ ago the Easter Bunny started a different tradition in our home. The Easter Bunny would leave small gifts hidden throughout...

26 February, 2018
press progress

Short Stories that Press for Progress Issue 2

Imagine being one of Australia’s first female lifeguards. Or, walking out of your home on a canefield in the middle of the night to escape a life and a marriage that wasn’t for you. How about becoming non-technical founders of a business whose sole purpose is to help correct the...

23 February, 2018
Press for progress

Short Stories that Press for Progress Issue 1

Each week talking to leaders, I am always interested in knowing why they started their business. Your why motivates you, builds rapport and understanding with others and gives context. To celebrate International Women’s Day 2018 we asked some Femeconomy members why they started their business. As you will see from...

13 February, 2018
Business images

3 Ways Business Images Tell a Story

When considering imagery for your business, it is imperative to think through the story you are telling and how you will address it. To help you, Yve Lavine Photography has shared three things to consider when building your brand’s imagery. Subject Every picture is a tiny snap shot of the world....

12 February, 2018
Sash & Belle 6 Tips for Busy Mums

6 Tips for Busy Mums

I don’t know why we do it, but as women we love to make our life busy. It is an incredible juggle raising a young family whilst building a business. I am crazy to be raising two children, building two businesses (Sash & Belle, Gungahlin Collective by Sash & Belle)...

29 January, 2018
Blog image header Valentine's Day 2018 v1 20180129

Share the Love for Gender Equality this Valentine’s Day

Although the history of Valentine’s Day is shrouded in mystery, it is now celebrated the world over from Australia to Korea to Denmark. Most of us buy for our loved ones, but increasingly people are using Valentine’s Day to celebrate different types of affection for friends, family, work colleagues or...

25 January, 2018
LUXit beauty and makeup

Convenience Is The New Black: Beauty and Grooming That Comes To You

In a world that’s increasingly more mobile, it makes sense that your favourite beauty and grooming services should fit into your schedule and lifestyle (and not the other way round!). Enter LUXit, Australia’s premier mobile beauty and grooming concierge. Now there is a refined and elevated the mobile beauty game for...

19 January, 2018

Modibodi Underwear and Swimwear for the Modern Bodi

For the 1 in 3 women with light incontinence and for every menstruating woman, most can recall stories of that embarrassing situation in which her underwear failed to protect her from a leak. They have endured years of using inconvenient, uncomfortable and eco-damaging disposable hygiene to stay protected. Kristy Chong’s...

16 January, 2018
Back to school

A Back to School Checklist that’s kind to our Flora & Fauna

You might be heading back to work, uni or getting the kids ready for school. Do you have everything you need? Flora & Fauna have put a checklist together below full of eco-friendly options! Start the new work and school year off being kind to our planet. Stationery We definitely...

7 January, 2018
Edible Beauty

Why Edible Beauty?

There is growing awareness of the need to use pure and organic ingredients on our skin. At Edible Beauty our gold standard for purity is an “edible” ingredients list. As the founder of Edible Beauty Australia, I feel so strongly about our products being edible. So, I pledge that if you...

26 December, 2017
active girls

Active Underwear So You Can Just Be

When you’re a kid, you just – BE. You don’t worry about what anyone thinks of you, or what you wear, or who you hang out with or have a crush on, or what books you like to read. You don’t care who you offend with your music tastes and...

19 December, 2017
school holiday survival guide

School Holiday Survival Guide

For those in the Southern Hemisphere the long summer break from school awaits, with days and weeks of relaxation and also inevitably calls of ‘I’m bored’. Code Rangers Founder, Nicola O’Brien shares her school holiday survival tips. Managing screen time and keeping active I’ve observed recently that as parents we’re...