26 September, 2016
Bloomingdale's shopfront

Feature brand – Bloomingdale’s

I loved NYC. My husband and I spent a week there in April 2009. Each day we’d pick a neighbourhood to explore on foot. New Yorkers were wonderfully outgoing and friendly (to my surprise). How strange it felt to be in a new city that feels so familiar instantaneously. I’d already walked the Brooklyn...

14 September, 2016

Feature Brand – Witchery

Women love Witchery and so does Femeconomy Their classic and on trend sculptured pieces are comfortable and suave. Fashion yourself, your fellow and your bambinos in Witchery and feel confident in their quality styling. Witchery pieces I would love to own

14 September, 2016

Feature Category – Homewares

Your home is your castle, your style statement, your refuge, your party palace. Sometimes we feel guilty for refreshing our home’s appearance because the money would be better spent elsewhere. So, to alleviate that guilt, we want to showcase some Femeconomy friendly brands. If anyone asks, “What did you buy...