22 May, 2018
She Wear EOFY Sale

EOFY Sale – She Wear

She Wear are Australia’s largest supplier of safety footwear, workwear and personal protective equipment for women. To help you save money on your work gear, we’re featuring the She Wear End of Financial Year Sale!  She Wear are proudly Australian owned and operated. All their products are designed in Australia. She...

14 May, 2018
screen-free children

5 Screen-Free Activities to do with your Children

Box for Monkeys CEO and Founder, Sarah Donges is a screen-free expert and has kindly shared her top five activities. These days, the smartphone is a parent’s best friend and nemesis all at the same time. Yes, it keeps the kids occupied but we can’t deny the guilt we feel...

29 April, 2018
Travelling with Babies

Travelling with Babies, Naturally

Do you arrive at the airport, baby under one arm, and a huge assortment of toys and pacifiers under the other? Are you dreading the flight knowing that the chances that your normally sweet and docile adorable bundle of joy, is about to turn into a hysterical screaming and squirming...

9 April, 2018
Mother's Day Gift Guide

Mother’s Day Gift Guide

I often reflect on how my Mum has influenced my life and helped me become the person I am today. You may have seen our blog posts last year celebrating our Mums, Marie Kelly-Moran and Vicki Bastin-Byrne. We just spent last weekend with our Mums enjoying the Women of the...

2 April, 2018
Farm to Hanger

Farm to Hanger

Farm to Hanger is an entirely female owned and operated business producing sustainable, slow fashion garments in a variety of styles, perfect for the fashion and environmentally conscious among us. We have a big focus on traceability and remain very conscious about what goes into our products. This isn’t a...

26 March, 2018
WOW Australia Logo

Our Women of the World Festival Itinerary

The countdown is on to the Women of the World Festival (WOW) held at the Brisbane Powerhouse from Friday 6 – Sunday 8 April. The event celebrates women of the Commonwealth and is part of the Commonwealth Games cultural program. To help navigate your WOW itinerary, I’ve shared the panels...

21 March, 2018
Balance Nikki Casey

A Story of Balance by Nikki Casey

In a recent interview, I was asked “What was the element that kept my life in balance in a racy world of fashion and style? A world where the accent was seemingly always on appearance and how we present to others.” Sure, I’ve written my fair share of articles on...

12 March, 2018
Shop You shopping

80% of Women Don’t Like Shopping

A recent study* by fashion-tech entrepreneurs Kelly Slessor and Emma Sharley found 80% of women don’t like shopping. Why? Due to the time it takes, often they can’t find the right fit or style, and the pain of having to return items. Most women have 5-8 go-to fashion brands in...

5 March, 2018
Easter Chocolate Alternative

Easter Chocolate Alternatives for Your Children (Fur Babies included)

I feel slightly overwhelmed by the amount of chocolate on our shelves. Tempting our toddlers into using their pester power by melting down into a supermarket tantrum. A few years’ ago the Easter Bunny started a different tradition in our home. The Easter Bunny would leave small gifts hidden throughout...

26 February, 2018
press progress

Short Stories that Press for Progress Issue 2

Imagine being one of Australia’s first female lifeguards. Or, walking out of your home on a canefield in the middle of the night to escape a life and a marriage that wasn’t for you. How about becoming non-technical founders of a business whose sole purpose is to help correct the...

23 February, 2018
Press for progress

Short Stories that Press for Progress Issue 1

Each week talking to leaders, I am always interested in knowing why they started their business. Your why motivates you, builds rapport and understanding with others and gives context. To celebrate International Women’s Day 2018 we asked some Femeconomy members why they started their business. As you will see from...

13 February, 2018
Business images

3 Ways Business Images Tell a Story

When considering imagery for your business, it is imperative to think through the story you are telling and how you will address it. To help you, Yve Lavine Photography has shared three things to consider when building your brand’s imagery. Subject Every picture is a tiny snap shot of the world....