18 January, 2017
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Women and men shop4equality

Femeconomy’s aim is to inform and encourage women to shop brands with female leaders to create gender equality. Our journey started with a goal of using consumer loyalty to reward companies who had at least 30% female board of directors or 50% female ownership. This would inspire other consumer brands to pursue...

13 January, 2017
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Femeconomy Retail Gender Equality Progress Report January 2017

In December, I once again disappeared to “the dungeon” to update our 2000 strong brand research set. A laborious, yet informative six-monthly process of reviewing each record against our criteria, researching its leadership, and amending our website to reflect any changes. We think it is critical to communicate and celebrate the positive progress that companies...

4 January, 2017
Advancing Women

My All Time Favourite “F” Word, by Michelle Redfern

During this quest we are on to advance gender equality, we have met many amazing, talented, executive women and female entrepreneurs. One who stands out in the crowd is Michelle Redfern. Comfortable in her own skin, with an intellectual executive presence honed in corporate board rooms, she is also 100% authentically...

13 November, 2016
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Join other men and support gender equality

Australia is behind on the leader board. Men, it’s time to support gender equality. Gender equality won’t be achieved in Australia for another 170 years as recently reported by The World Economic Forum. Alarmingly Australia has slid from 36th place in 2015, to 46th place in 2016. Rwanda, The Philippines...

7 November, 2016

Gender Equality – A story of hope, optimism and perseverance

Emotion is contagious That’s why people generally prefer to be around other people who are happy, joyful, energetic and optimistic. Most people prefer to experience fun and celebration. Bad news is depressing, and there’s more than enough of it going around these days, so a lot of people choose to...

3 November, 2016
Penelope Twemlow white ribbon day

White Ribbon Day, Penelope Twemlow’s Story

You may have read our Feature Leader profile of Penelope Twemlow earlier this month. There is a second part to Penelope’s leadership journey. Yes she is a CEO and Board Chair of two boards. She is also a survivor of domestic violence. She has become a passionate advocate for initiatives to stop...

3 November, 2016
White Ribbon Day

White Ribbon Day, 25 November, Gender Equality

25 November is White Ribbon Day, a day aimed at preventing men’s violence against women. Intimate partner violence is the most common type of violence against women, affecting 30 per cent of women worldwide. Why do we have White Ribbon Day? In Australia, violence against women is a serious problem, meaning:...

19 October, 2016

David Jones vs Myer

These two retail heavy weights go head to head. Variety of products? Check. Central locations? Check. Well-known model to spearhead advertising campaign? Check. Black and white logo? Check. However, there is one stark difference. David Jones meets the Australian Institute of Company Director’s target of 30% women on the Board...

17 October, 2016

Which Big 4 Bank is Femeconomy friendly?

[We are pleased to provide an update. At April 2018, 3 of the Big 4 banks are Femeconomy approved – CBA, ANZ and NAB.] The Commonwealth Bank meets the Australian Institute of Company Director’s target of 30% women on the Board of Directors. Why should you care? We’re all busy....

8 October, 2016

Gender Equality – International Day of the Girl

Why do we celebrate the International Day of the Girl Child? Good question. Some months ago I explained Femeconomy to a well known male television personality. His immediate reaction was to loudly exclaim, “not another women’s thing! I hate all those women’s things! I suppose it’s all our [men’s] fault...