14 August, 2018
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Gender Equality Services: Corporate Diversity Pathways

In Australia, companies are realising that Diversity and Inclusion is good for business. With 46% of the workforce represented by women, inclusive targets of 50% of women represented on leadership teams are being set and achieved by Boards, CEO’s and Heads of Diversity + Inclusion. However, we still have a long...

10 June, 2018
Xplore for Success

Gender Equality Services: Xplore for Success

The ever-increasing drive for diversity is not having the equality impact we need For over ten years, corporate Australia has been ramping up a stated drive for greater diversity in the workplace, which has primarily been around increasing female workforce participation, including the percentage of women at management levels and...

7 May, 2018
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Gender Equality Services: Bec Brideson

IS IT TIME TO OUT THINK YOUR RIVALS IN THE NEW GENDER ECONOMY? The global rise of women is happening on a societal and economic level but continues to be overlooked and missed out on by business. By 2028, EY has predicted that women will be responsible for 75% of...

22 January, 2018
Diversity Partners

Gender Equality Services: Diversity Partners

While we’re seeing greater diversity in the Australian workplace than ever before, this change isn’t consistent at all levels of the workforce and across all industries. Which means we’re not getting the full benefits that diversity brings, such as innovation and better decision-making. For example, while women represent nearly half...

4 June, 2017
Advancing Women

Gender Equality Services: Advancing Women in Business & Sport

How to Solve a Wicked Problem with Design Thinking There are more reasons than we can list about why organisations should pursue gender diverse leadership and board structures. One outstanding reason? Companies with gender-diverse boards performed an average 7% better per year than companies with no women on their boards. Despite this blindingly obvious business...

18 May, 2017
Navigating the Intersection of Culture, Gender and Age

Gender Equality Services: Culturally Diverse Women Program by MindTribes

Are we leveraging Australia’s Multicultural Society in Business? Culturally diverse people are highly represented in our society however under-represented or underutilised in our workplaces. 46.8% of Australia’s population are either born overseas or have one parent born overseas (2011 census). According to The Diversity Council of Australia, the percentage of culturally...

20 April, 2017
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Gender Equality Consulting Services: The Why

As a HR Executive, I hated being ‘sold’ to When I reflected on my own 19 years of experience as a Human Resources practitioner in operational and corporate environments working for large global multinationals, I realised that I was totally resistant to approaches by service providers. The sheer volume of...