26 November, 2020
BLOG IMAGE Stacey Head

Stacey Head, Managing Director and Founder, she wear

Stacey Head Managing Director and Founder of she wear is a continuous innovator. Her award winning business continues to expand, with export growth and the launch of a new range of work sneakers developed to cater to the needs of front line health care staff, nurses, and hospitality workers who...

25 November, 2020
BLOG IMAGE Your Brilliant Career

Your Brilliant Career

This article was originally published by Advancing Women, and authored by Michelle Redfern. Your brilliant career is dependent on you starting, and continuing professional skills development activity. CPD (Continuing Professional Development) is the ongoing process of developing professional skills and knowledge through interactive, participation-based or independent learning. I like to describe my...

19 November, 2020
BLOG IMAGE Tracey Mylecharane

Tracey Mylecharane, Director, Tracey Mylecharane Solicitor

Tracey Mylecharane is the Director of Tracey Mylecharane Solicitor, a virtual, online boutique law practice providing legal services to individuals, businesses and corporations Australia wide. With a slew of legal qualifications and experience, Tracey has also lectured in law at ANU and UNSW. An innate collaborator, Tracey Co-Founded Business Minds...

19 November, 2020

Christine Khor, CEO, Peeplcoach

Chris Khor, CEO and Founder of Peeplcoach is a straight talking dynamo, and serial entrepreneur whose executive recruitment business led her to follow her passion of helping all people to flourish in their careers, and establish Peeplcoach, an on-demand career and leadership development coaching platform. With an enviable list of...

12 November, 2020
BLOG IMAGE Leina Broughton & Fleur Richardson

Leina Broughton and Fleur Richardson, Owners, Leina & Fleur

Leina Broughton, Creative Director and Fleur Richardson, Managing Director are the Co-Founders of Leina & Fleur, a size inclusive online women’s fashion label aimed at the 40+ age group, that is designed and manufactured locally in Australia. Since they became co-owners in 2013, the creative, business savvy pair have self...

20 October, 2020

Renovations and Building Booming during COVID-19

COVID-19 has sparked growth in spending on home renovations, building and property maintenance. Australian families have been renovating their properties during the coronavirus pandemic, with the average budget coming in at $63,188 according to latest lending data. Femeconomy members from the building, renovation and property sector shared their experience of...

19 October, 2020
BLOG IMAGE Cristina Zito

Cristina Zito, Owner, Cristina for Fair Trade

With ingenuity that country people are renowned for, Cristina Zito, Owner of Cristina for Fair Trade has created not one, but two successful businesses in the very remote, tiny town of Adavale, in outback Queensland, after moving there 10 years ago. Adavale boasts a total population of 15 people, and...

14 October, 2020

Jade Lord, Owner, Yoga Rites Outback

Jade Lord, Owner and Founder of Yoga Rites Outback wants everyone to have the opportunity to access a yoga practise, regardless of where they live. Living 200km from the nearest town, Richmond, on a remote cattle station that she owns and runs with her husband, led Jade (a qualified yoga...

13 October, 2020
BLOG IMAGE Bianca Stawiarski

Bianca Stawiarski, Managing Director, Warida Wholistic Wellness

Bianca Stawiarski is the Managing Director of Warida Wholistic Wellness and an engaging, warm and proud Badimaya woman, whose business initially started as a volunteer endeavour. Now Warida Wholistic Wellness is an established business dedicated to helping people build emotional resilience and wellbeing, and overcome trauma, through a range of...

13 October, 2020
BLOG IMAGE Dr Monique Beedles

Supporting Women Owned Business: Dr Monique Beedles

Femeconomy’s Supporting Women Owned Business mini-blog series is intended to amplify how women led and women owned businesses are supporting each other, and to encourage more businesses to include women led and women owned businesses in their purchasing decisions. Dr Monique Beedles works with individuals, teams and companies all over the globe...

12 October, 2020

Lea Boyce, Director, BOYCE Family Office

Lea Boyce, Director of BOYCE Family Office is an experienced global business leader who deploys her unique qualifications in Anthropology and Gender Studies to support multi-generational family businesses across industries with succession planning, governance, mentoring, and inter-generational transfer. BOYCE Family Office is itself a family endeavour, led by Lea and...

12 October, 2020
Kylee Tindale-Smith

Kylee Tindale-Smith, Owner, Gidgee Smith

Kylee Tindale-Smith Owner of Gidgee Smith Bags and Gidgee’s Bush Camp, started her successful ecommerce business manufacturing and selling heavy duty PVC work, saddle and gear bags 17 years ago. Based in very remote, drought affected Morvern in South West Queensland, Gidgee’s Bush Camp offers a tranquil outback setting for...