17 September, 2019
BLOG IMAGE Jacqui Alder

Female Leader, Jacqui Alder, Author Clarity, Simplicity, Success

Jacqui Alder, Author of Clarity, Simplicity, Success self coaching journal has drawn on her executive career in Human Resources Management, research and coaching experience to formulate a resource for women that expertly guides them to their own definition of success. In a cluttered self development space, Clarity, Simplicity, Success provides...

14 August, 2019
NSW Femeconomy Connection Program header NSW Government Funded

New South Wales Femeconomy Connection Program – Applications Now Closed

20 female Northern New South Wales business leaders have the opportunity to join Femeconomy’s collaborative network through The Femeconomy Connection Program. This exciting program is funded by Women NSW. 20 WOMEN WILL BE SELECTED FROM Northern New South Wales This program is for business owners in the areas of Ballina,...

8 August, 2019
Brandhook and Hearsay CEO Pip Stocks

Pip Stocks, CEO BrandHook: Female Leader Conversations

Female Leader Conversations Feature Pip Stocks CEO BrandHook said, “Talking to your customers face to face builds real empathy, ensuring that each team member works hard to solve problems and deliver a great experience.” Pip Stocks’ career background in both agency advertising and internal marketing makes her ideally equipped to...

8 August, 2019
Flipswitch Media Managing Director Mia de Rauch

Mia De Rauch, MD Flipswitch Media: Female Leader Conversations

Female Leader Conversations Feature Mia De Rauch Managing Director Flipswitch Media said, “Start experimenting with video types and styles now, so you have a solid brand and strategy in place before the online world becomes completely saturated and your visibility disappears!” Mia de Rauch is an evangelist on the power...

8 August, 2019
CEO and Founder Next Address, Julie O'Donohue

Julie O’Donohue, CEO and Founder Next Address: Female Leader Conversations

Female Leader Conversations Feature Julie O’Donohue CEO and Founder Next Address said, “Bringing transparency, affordability, technology and automation to the property sector is my passion.” Julie O’Donohue is re-imagining real estate with her online platform, Next Address, that matches and connects property buyers and sellers. With an eclectic background in...

8 August, 2019
CEO TBA Law Jacqui Brauman

Jacqui Brauman, CEO TBA Law: Female Leader Conversations

Female Leader Conversations Feature Jacqui Brauman CEO and Principal Solicitor TBA Law said, “You know what’s best for you, no one else does. Take their suggestions and advice on board, but trust your gut the most.” Jacqui Brauman bought a regional legal practice, TBA Law, six years ago. By applying...

8 August, 2019
CEO Plan International Australia Susanne Legena

Susanne Legena, CEO Plan International Australia: Female Leader Conversations

Female Leader Conversations Feature Susanne Legena CEO Plan International Australia said, “If I had to choose just one way to achieve gender equality, it would be to educate a girl. We know this is transformative for individuals, communities and countries.” Susanne Legena’s career is anchored in positive social impact. Previously...

8 August, 2019
Natasha Burns Principal Lawyer Burns IP

Natasha Burns, Principal Lawyer Burns IP: Female Leader Conversations

Female Leader Conversations Feature Natasha Burns Principal Lawyer Burns IP said, “Disruption is really about challenging ourselves. We are always looking for ways to do things better, so we can better help our clients.” Natasha Burns is at the forefront of disrupting the legal industry. Natasha has over a decade...

8 August, 2019
Maria Calibo-Sales Calmar Corps Female Leader Conversations Ezine

Maria Calibo-Sales, Founder Calmar Corps: Female Leader Conversations

Female Leader Conversations Feature Maria Calibo-Sales Founder Calmar Corps said, “Take less, give more. There is enough for everybody.“ Maria Calibo-Sales, Founder Calmar Corps is a dynamo who seamlessly blends business, social purpose and collaboration to produce amazing impact. Using technology to create world-class efficiencies for non-profits and SMEs across...