31 July, 2017
love startup world

5 reasons to love startup world

Startups are hard work. You start with building a small business that no one has ever heard of, thought of or knew they needed. Your dream? To globally scale. I like to reflect on what I am grateful for in life. These are my five reasons for loving startup world...

11 July, 2017
BLOG IMAGE 5 tips for transitioning from corporate to startup

5 Tips for Transitioning from Corporate to Startup

Standing on the outside looking in is the analogy I use to describe the process of deprogramming myself from the world of corporate business. Being a suit-wearing cog in the wheel of a global multinational is far removed from the daily existence of a startup entrepreneur. As I have consciously...

10 July, 2017
5 ways to grow your online business

5 Ways to Grow Your Online Business

You’ve set up your business with products and processes, you have a glitzy website and have claimed your social media channels. What’s next? Value for money is imperative for any sized business. How can you reach your customers and make sure your money and time is high yield? As a business owner,...

3 July, 2017
5 bootstrapping tips

5 Bootstrapping Tips from Female Leaders

We often get caught up in startup world vernacular with that ecosystem’s buzzwords. Heard yourself saying unicorn, growth hacking, FMA (first mover advantage)? When it boils down to it, many of us are trying to build a small business without investment, off our own backs in our own time. We’re...

29 November, 2016

Women’s Entrepreneurship Day, Starting a Startup

Startups are popping up all over the place for various reasons. People want to be masters of their own destiny. They want more work flexibility and to live outside capital cities. They have an entrepreneurial spirit. There is a pain point in their lives, they want to solve with technology....