8 May, 2018
BLOG Image goal setting tips for the brave

Goal Setting Tips for the Brave

I have a confession. I’m not much of a goal setter. I tend to follow my gut, have a bias for action (yes I do jump in boots and all) and am characterised and guided by my get shit done attitude. I used to beat myself up a little bit...

24 April, 2018
Blog Image Header Self-Nominate for Awards

Take Charge and Self-Nominate for Awards

When I talk to female leaders about nominating themselves for particular awards, I am often met with hesitation around nominating yourself. I want to break this stigma. There is no shame in nominating yourself. In fact, everyone in our network is busy. As much as they would love to spend...

17 April, 2018
performance review

Preparing for End of Year Performance Reviews

As we head into the end of financial year, it is important to think through how you will approach your end of year performance review. We asked our members for their advice on how to make sure your end of year performance review works to achieve your career goals. Strong,...

13 February, 2018
Business images

3 Ways Business Images Tell a Story

When considering imagery for your business, it is imperative to think through the story you are telling and how you will address it. To help you, Yve Lavine Photography has shared three things to consider when building your brand’s imagery. Subject Every picture is a tiny snap shot of the world....

13 February, 2018
The Femeconomy Connection

The Femeconomy Connection Program – Applications are now closed

10 female Queensland business leaders have the opportunity to join our collaborative network through The Femeconomy Connection Program. This exciting program is funded by The Queensland Government’s Department of Employment, Small Business and Training as part of their Advancing Women in Business Initiative. 8 WOMEN WILL BE SELECTED FROM REGIONAL QUEENSLAND AND...

8 January, 2018
BLOG IMAGE Is self confidence an issue for you

Is self-confidence an issue for you?

It’s frustrating to see the continuous stream of articles suggesting women are holding themselves back, particularly within organisational settings. I agree wholeheartedly with Catherine Fox’s assertion that we need to ‘Stop Fixing Women’. Research confirms that women are just as ambitious as men, and seek pay rises with the same...

20 December, 2017
business platforms

7 tried and tested business platforms

Shout out if you love accounting. (Silence). Put your hand up if you just can’t wait to use Excel to manage another project! (No hands go up). “I just adore having a million passwords and multiple systems that don’t talk to each other.” Said no one ever. We’re all trying...

13 November, 2017

Startup Secrets from the Frontline

iVvy’s Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Lauren Hall, knows a thing or two about start-ups. After all, she’s built five of them. Lauren’s work spans industries from pharmaceutical to manufacturing and now technology with award-winning cloud-based event management solution iVvy. Lauren has overcome obstacles including funding and capacity constraints and even...

18 September, 2017
BLOG IMAGE Professional Development Change Industries

5 Professional Development Tips when Changing Industries

How do you successfully transition from one industry and occupation to another entirely new industry and job? A slightly daunting proposition. And one I faced approximately 18 months ago now. The problem was knowing where to start when I didn’t know what I didn’t know. I had the idea for...

29 August, 2017
business apps

10 business apps from Femeconomy’s community

We all want to make our businesses bigger, better, faster and stronger. Often, we turn to technology. Have you ever scoured the app store to solve your current issue? It’s probably a good idea. But, reading app reviews and testing apps makes me feel nauseous as I feel like I’m...