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Caroline McGuire: Female Leader Conversations Ebook

Female Leader Conversations Ebook feature, Non-Executive Director
and Owner of Clariti Consulting, Caroline McGuire said,

“Seek opportunities out. They don’t always just land in your lap. Show initiative and drive. Always put your hand up for that stretch assignment”


  • Non-Executive Director,  Australian Human Resources Institute  (AHRI) and Queensland AHRI State President
  • Experienced mentor for a number of professional mentoring programs
  • Uses neuroscience to increase the emotional intelligence of technical leaders  in engineering and technology organisations
  • Accredited in a range  of psychometric instruments and behavioural assessments

Caroline McGuire (FCPHR) Owner Clariti Consulting is a HR Specialist and Coach, with over twenty years’ experience. With a background in corporate human resources in the engineering and technology industries, Caroline uses neuroscience and coaching methodologies for leadership development and executive coaching. Caroline also provides HR consultancy services to organisations across the entire employee life-cycle.


How does neuroscience impact your coaching?

There is a tendency to promote professionals into leadership roles based on their strong technical performance, with limited preparation or support for them in their new role. While this happens in many sectors, I feel it has a more significant impact for both the technical employee and their organisation. Supporting and developing these emerging, new and consolidating leaders is a privilege. Doing it in a way that makes sense for them, is important.

The neuroscience of leadership talks about emotional intelligence and self-awareness in a way that is easy for them to understand and apply. When working closely with individuals through coaching, or groups in leadership development programs, I am able to coach them towards a better understanding of self and others and help them to apply this knowledge in the workplace. This allows for greater performance and role satisfaction for the individual, increased engagement within their team, and high productivity for the organisation.


What was your  biggest ‘a-ha’ moment?

Just over two years ago I stepped out of my corporate role into self-employment as a consultant. While I’d heard many of my connections talk about the constant roller-coaster of consulting, it’s an entirely different thing to live it daily. You need to be constantly looking ahead to ensure a pipeline of work, while delivering well for your current clients. Finding ways to authentically market my business and build relationships with new potential clients has been a steep learning curve.

One of my biggest ‘a-ha’ moments was when I realised by being ‘too generalist’. My message to market was so vague people didn’t understand the value I could offer. I then niched down to focus on the industry sectors where I felt I had the most experience and could best market myself – the engineering and technology sectors.


What have you learnt since commencing your first board role?

In May 2018 I was appointed to the AHRI Limited Board. I’ve been able to identify some skills gaps in board level financial management and have undertaken some specific training in this area. I’ve found that the diversity of thought and experience around the board table allows for robust discussions and consideration of different perspectives. The experience has been challenging and very rewarding. I look forward to expanding my career as a non-executive director.


What challenges have led you develop new skills as a business owner?

Many of us who work in Human Resource can struggle with the transition to self-employment and a ‘sales mindset’. While I’ve been trying to use a range of approaches and call upon assistance from the experts, at the end of the day I still need to take responsibility for the business development activities within my business. Let’s just say that’s a work in progress.


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