23 January, 2017
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Valentine’s Day for You

For those not into chocolates, roses and champagne on 14 Feb, this post could be for you. My son always says to me, “I love me.” So, I thought it was high time we stopped and gave ourselves a Valentine’s Day to pat ourselves on the back for what we accomplish...

18 January, 2017
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Women and men shop4equality

Femeconomy’s aim is to inform and encourage women to shop brands with female leaders to create gender equality. Our journey started with a goal of using consumer loyalty to reward companies who had at least 30% female board of directors or 50% female ownership. This would inspire other consumer brands to pursue...

16 January, 2017
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Female Leader, Sarah Donges, Box for Monkeys & The Beauty Tutor

Sarah Donges is the serially entrepreneurial Founder of two businesses, Box for Monkeys and The Beauty Tutor. A finalist in the ORIAS awards (Online Retailer Association) for best new online retailer in 2016, Sarah was also recently named as a Remodista Women2Watch in Retail Disruption Honoree for 2017. The Beauty Tutor provides...

15 January, 2017
Back to School stationery and tech

Back to School Stationery and Tech Money Saving Tips

I reflect fondly upon yesteryear mother-daughter days of Back to School stationery shopping. This is perhaps where my love of lists was incubated. Post shop, I enjoyed the task of putting new pencils in the carefully selected pencil case. Going through magazines and trimming the pages to create perfect personality statements....

15 January, 2017

Female Leader, Dr Kirstin Ferguson, Non-Executive Director & Chairman

We were thrilled when Dr Kirstin Ferguson agreed to share her leadership journey with us. I liken Kirstin to a modern Renaissance scholar. Someone who is widely studied, accomplished and experienced across numerous diverse fields. She also possesses a generous dose of wisdom. Kirstin commenced her career as an Officer in the Royal Australian Air Force....

13 January, 2017
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Femeconomy Retail Gender Equality Progress Report January 2017

In December, I once again disappeared to “the dungeon” to update our 2000 strong brand research set. A laborious, yet informative six-monthly process of reviewing each record against our criteria, researching its leadership, and amending our website to reflect any changes. We think it is critical to communicate and celebrate the positive progress that companies...

11 January, 2017

Female Leader, Anna Mitsios, Edible Beauty

Ever had that feeling when you are smoothing on a moisturiser or lip balm that it smells so delicious that you would like to eat it? Well Anna Mitsios has created Edible Beauty Australia to provide a range of edible skin care products and wild-crafted teas which contain therapeutic botanicals designed...

10 January, 2017
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Female Leader, Linda Greene, Identity Direct

2017 is a big year for Linda Greene, Founder of Identity Direct, as it heralds the enviable milestone of 25 years since the business started. Identity Direct started as a publishing business, offering unique personalised children’s books that put children at the heart of the story, with the intent to nurture a...

9 January, 2017
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Back to school clothing

I tend to wait until a week or two before school starts to purchase clothing for the new school year. My observation is that children will grow at unprecedented rates during school holidays. Maybe it’s the sun, and unlimited access to free range snacking? Or the intense amounts of protein on...

7 January, 2017
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Healthy, Wealthy and Wise

January and the start of the New Year typically includes reflection on what we want out of the year ahead, as well as behaviour and habits we would like to change. Our lives are packed to the rafters with stuff we have to do. To help you to commit to the goals...

4 January, 2017
Advancing Women

My All Time Favourite “F” Word, by Michelle Redfern

During this quest we are on to advance gender equality, we have met many amazing, talented, executive women and female entrepreneurs. One who stands out in the crowd is Michelle Redfern. Comfortable in her own skin, with an intellectual executive presence honed in corporate board rooms, she is also 100% authentically...

3 January, 2017
Back to school bags and lunch boxes

Back to school bags and lunch boxes

You are slowly emerging from the New Year fog. The recycling bin is still overflowing with Christmas cardboard (and maybe a few vino bottles). All of a sudden you hear a thud on your front lawn. Was it a bird? Was it the postie? No, it was the largest ream of...