14 February, 2017
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Female Leader, Natalie Knoll, Bird and Knoll

Natalie Knoll, Founder of Bird & Knoll, met her Co-Founder Macayla Chapman at their children’s swimming lessons. A friendship was forged during the tedium of weekly lessons, which turned into a successful business partnership, that the pair manage remotely. Natalie is based in Australia and Macayla in New Zealand. Bird & Knoll launched in March...

14 February, 2017
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Female Leaders, Gillian Corban and Amanda Blair, Corban & Blair

Corban & Blair’s unique designer stationery products are thoughtfully created to showcase the culture, beauty, flora and fauna of Australia. Business partners for 30 years, Gillian Corban and Amanda Blair are also cousins. They have continued to reinvent their offering as consumer preferences have evolved, into a tapestry of enduring business success. Every piece in their...

14 February, 2017
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Female Leader, Irene Falcone, Nourished Life

Irene Falcone, CEO and Founder of Nourished Life created the business in 2012 to provide trusted, environmentally-friendly beauty products. Her website offers the best and latest in natural, organic, vegan, ethical and sustainable beauty health and wellbeing products, as well as naturopathic advice. From selling her car and house to raise $30,000 to...

6 February, 2017
Welcome Altair International Women's Day 2017 Altair Arrives

Welcome Altair! International Women’s Day 2017 #BeBoldForChange

Altair Comes from a Planet of Gender Equality Altair’s planet is the only one orbiting the star Altair. Their star was unpredictable and often changed shape. As a consequence, the sea levels and temperature rose and much of the land became flooded or uninhabitable. The people needed the power of all...

6 February, 2017
Welcome Altair International Women's Day 2017 Altair Arrives

Is Your Daughter the World’s Next Superhero Altair?

This International Women’s Day we invite you to witness the arrival of a new superhero. A girl named Altair. She is probably in your home right now, sitting beside you. She could be your daughter, your sister, your friend. What are Altair’s superpowers? Altair sees the future. She knows that...

2 February, 2017
Penny Brown

Female Leader, Penny Brown, Ryder

Penny Brown, Founder and Designer of the Ryder Label, draws her creative inspiration from her childhood family holidays on the Australian coast. Her Melbourne born women’s clothing line evokes a relaxed, country aesthetic. Ryder was founded in 2012, originally as a diffusion line from the Arabella Ramsay collection, based on denim and leather. Penny has...

1 February, 2017
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Gender Equality Services now available on Femeconomy

For most companies, the path to achieving gender equality is a journey. For those on the journey, it is important you can access expertise from professional Gender Equality services who ‘walk the talk’. In our new Gender Equality Services Category we will profile businesses who have the runs on the board, and...

30 January, 2017

Successful Women: Throw Down Your Tresses

Trina Hockley, successful retailer, female trades advocate, experienced Board Director and Chair of the Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD) Gold Coast committee knows a thing or two about being a female leader in a male dominated industry, having worked in the Electrical industry for most of her career. Given Trina’s...

27 January, 2017
blog-feature-image-rechelle-coombes socielle

Female Leader, Rechelle Coombes, Socielle

Socielle Founder, Rechelle Coombes is a woman after our own hearts. Socielle is a social enterprise dedicated to discovering and retailing beautiful products from socially conscious businesses. Rechelle is a fellow retail disrupter. Socielle allows consumers not only to buy from socially conscious not for profits, but to also allocate ‘shopfunding’...

27 January, 2017
BLOG FEATURE IMAGE Kelly Jamieson edible blooms 20170127

Female Leader, Kelly Jamieson, Edible Blooms

Kelly Jamieson, Co-Founder of Edible Blooms, took her passion for chocolate one step further than the rest of us and created an innovative business model around the concept of floral gift bouquets that you could eat. Recognised as SA Telstra Business Woman of the Year in 2011, Kelly and her sister...

27 January, 2017
blog-feature-image-marie-kapetanakis kosmea 20170127

Female Leader, Marie Kapetanakis, Kosmea

Marie Kapetanakis Founder and CEO of Kosmea started her business with a dream, a drum of rose hip oil, a beautiful new suit and a battered old car. Having sold the ‘good’ family car to bootstrap her rose hip oil purchase, Marie originally went door to door with her product, parking...

26 January, 2017
blog-image-female-leader-margaret porritt feathers

Female Leader, Margaret Porritt, Feathers

Margaret Porritt, Founder of Feathers, has had the same vision for her business for over 40 years: to add value to women’s lives and make them feel good about themselves. After a prestigious start to her her career at age 17  in London, working for Norman Hartnell, the Queen’s dressmaker, Margaret...