19 December, 2016
Jenine Beekhuyzen Part 1

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Female Leader, Dr Jenine Beekhuyzen, Tech Girls Movement Foundation, Part 1

I sat down with Tech Girls Movement Foundation CEO, Dr Jenine Beekhuyzen for a chat. In 2016 Jenine was named in Australia’s 100 Women of Influence for her work in advancing gender equality in the tech sector through the Tech Girls Movement Foundation. Entrepreneurship is part of this woman’s soul and it’s catching. Girls...

14 December, 2016
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Femeconomy’s Promotions Terms and Conditions

Femeconomy’s Promotions Terms and Conditions Entry into the promotion is deemed acceptance of these Terms & Conditions. Promotions are run via Femeconomy’s social media channels. The total value of prizes over a 12 month period will not exceed $5000. Entry is open only to Australian residents over the age of...

12 December, 2016

Christmas menu sorted!

In the interests of saving everyone a bit of time this Christmas, I thought I would share our Christmas menu. This will be delivered to my door by Femeconomy approved Woolworths or Coles, because there is no way I am braving the shops with two kids and their amped up pester...

12 December, 2016
Tania Walter Obzervr

Female Leader, Tania Walter, Obzervr

Tania Walter is the CEO and Founder of Obzervr, a Field Service Automation solution that increases productivity for the mobile workforce, even as far afield as Antarctica! After years spent in the oil and gas industries watching scientists laboriously collect vast amounts of data using paper and pen, Tania’s aim is to shift...

8 December, 2016

Favourite Colleagues Christmas Gifts under $30

We’ve packaged up our favourite Colleagues Christmas Gifts under $30 for the last minute office festive rounds. Be confident in the knowledge that when you shop a Femeconomy approved brand, you are supporting gender equality. David Jones Newcastle’s Pudding Lady Npl Brandy Liqueur Sauce 250ml $14.95 David Jones has a complete range of...

6 December, 2016

Female Leader, Angela Priestley, Women’s Agenda

Angela Priestley, Owner and Editor of Women’s Agenda, radiates a composed, capable and approachable leadership presence. Her down to earth and naturally inclusive conversational style coupled with incisive journalistic instinct has made Women’s Agenda a go-to publication for Australian professional women. Look no further when seeking a reliable, intelligent source of insight on politics, economics, career,...

5 December, 2016

Favourite Kids’ Christmas Gifts

Our final Gift Guide for 2016 and it’s all about the kids. Here’s our favourite Kids’ Christmas Gifts from our Femeconomy approved brands. Shop for equality and their future. We’ve completed the Gift Guides, now over to you for the shopping! David Jones Your one stop shop for toys this Christmas....

5 December, 2016
BLOG Favourite Christmas Gifts for Girlfriends

Favourite Christmas Gifts for Girlfriends

Our favourite Christmas gifts for girlfriends to give some shopping ideas from companies that support equality. Rockport The Jeanie Strappy Rockport Sandals will see her through hours of strolling through farmer’s markets. Your girlfriend will enjoy days in the warm summer sun with this Romilly Buckled Rockport Sandal for Christmas. Is...

1 December, 2016

Kids’ Christmas Gifts

Our set of Christmas gift guides wouldn’t be complete without a range of Kids’ Christmas Gifts from our Femeconomy approved brands. Shop for equality and their future. David Jones Your one stop shop for toys this Christmas. I know both my children would love this Electric Ride On 6v Vespa Style...

30 November, 2016

Female Leader, Jodie Fox, Shoes of Prey

Jodie Fox is the Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer of Shoes of Prey, an online, global customisation platform that allows women to design their own shoes to suit their individual style. Jodie is passionate about improving the financial futures of women, starting by seeking gender equality in the workplace and...

29 November, 2016

Female Leader, Lauren Hall, iVvy

To celebrate Women’s Entrepreneurship Day (30 November), we’ve profiled Lauren Hall, CEO and Co-Founder of iVvy. Lauren is a passionate technology entrepreneur and  has created a software platform and online Events Management marketplace to solve the sourcing, scheduling and promotion dilemmas of events management teams globally. Lauren has built an Australian company...

29 November, 2016

Women’s Entrepreneurship Day, Starting a Startup

Startups are popping up all over the place for various reasons. People want to be masters of their own destiny. They want more work flexibility and to live outside capital cities. They have an entrepreneurial spirit. There is a pain point in their lives, they want to solve with technology....